The Best Bathroom Vanity With Sink Style Ideas

The Best Bathroom Vanity With Sink Style Ideas

If you want to have a beautiful bathroom, you can start getting a vanity that can style the space. Make sure it has a sink for functionality as well. However, for this to work out perfectly, you need to have a good style idea in mind.

That’s why this article has compiled a list of some of the best bathroom vanity with sink styles you can consider. Discover ideas on how you can design and layout your bathroom for a more appealing and convenient experience. Get your inspiration and start making the perfect bathroom.


8 Best Bathroom Vanity With Sink Style Ideas

Discover the top 8 Bathroom Vanity With Sink Styles to enhance your bathroom's look.

1. Bathroom Vanity With a Vessel Sink

One of the trendiest styles nowadays is a bathroom vanity with a vessel sink. This is a sink type that sits directly on the top of the vanity’s countertop. They’re available in different styles, materials, and finishes.

Depending on the style or theme you’re trying to go for, you can get a vessel sink made of glass, wood, ceramic, porcelain, copper, and more. You can even get one in a bowl, square, or rectangular shape. A vessel sink is an eye-catching element in the bathroom. It can give your vanity a more sculpted look, and it’s easier to use as well.

2. Embrace Vibrant Colors

There’s nothing wrong with being innovative with bathroom colors. You can always be a bit daring without taking too much of a risk when it comes to the color of your vanity. Remember that you don’t always have to stick to common or neutral colors. You can also opt for a vanity in a bright or unique color.

For example, if you want to go wild, you can go for a yellow or bright green one. You can also get one in a mauve or dark green color for a sophisticated look. However, take note that you have to ensure that the rest of the room and decor come in complementary colors.

3. Light It Up

To add a modern and innovative touch to your vanity, you can also add some lighting. You can place it on the underside of the vanity, near the sink area, around the countertop, or anywhere you want to. Vanity lighting offers both style and functionality benefits.

Adding lighting can improve the look of the vanity, and it can even help with illumination in the bathroom. For instance, the lights can add dimension to your vanity and bathroom. You can even utilize it when using the bathroom at night.

4. Add Open Shelving

One way to improve both the style and functionality of your bathroom vanity is by choosing a vanity with open shelves or adding open shelving to your existing one. Incorporating various types of storage space in your vanity design can maximize convenience in the bathroom and ensure an uncluttered look with your bathroom essentials.

Plus, an open shelf on the bottom of the vanity can keep it from feeling too heavy. It can also provide a good storage space for your towels and hygiene products. You can even add some baskets for extra decor and style.

5. Floating Vanity With Sink

If you want to try something new, something non-traditional, this is always a nice option. For a more unique setup and layout, you can pick and install a floating vanity with a sink. It can make your bathroom appear larger and give you extra room underneath the vanity. In terms of style, a floating vanity can maintain a light and airy feel in the bathroom.

You can even use that space for other storage options, like baskets or bins. You can try adding lighting as well. Most importantly, since it’s elevated, a floating vanity is easier to clean around.

6. Separated Vanities

If you need two sinks in the bathroom, one way to experiment with style is by separating their vanities. Add a little extra space in your bathroom by adding separate bathroom vanities. With this layout, you’ll have to divide your space into three equal spaces. Add a space and two walls in the middle of the two vanities for a symmetrical look.

With that extra space in the middle, you can add another table and a mirror for your grooming or makeup station. This way, you’ll have a designated space just for getting ready and a separate one for brushing your teeth or doing skin care.

7. Add Some Window Seat

If you don’t want extra walls and don’t need an extra center table, you can opt for some seating in the middle instead. This focuses on the comfort and style of your bathroom. A window seat can illuminate the space and make it look cozier. It’s a good way to cut some energy costs during the day, as you can utilize the sunlight. Plus, placing a seat near the window will allow you to enjoy the view without having to go outside.

8. Look For Unique Shapes

Last but not least, one style idea you can consider is using unique shapes—vanity and its sink. First off, you have to remember that vanities don’t come as one-size-fits-all furniture. There are many unique designs out there with unique details, like uniquely shaped edges. For example, you can find a vanity with scalloped edges, which would be a good style to add to a children’s bathroom.

Aside from the vanity, you can also go for a uniquely shaped sink. Take note that this mainly applies if you’re using a vessel sink type. You can get a sink in a unique shape, like a leaf, that would fit well into your bathroom design and theme.



A bathroom vanity with a sink doesn’t have to be plain and simple. You can always go extra and be as stylish as you want. Not only can this improve the look of your bathroom, but it can also make the vanity and sink more convenient to use. Try considering the ideas we’ve discussed above.

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