What's so Good about White Furniture?

What's so Good about White Furniture?

What’s so Good about White Furniture?

Furniture trends come and go – dark, polished wood used to be all the rage a decade or longer ago, and it still gives a traditional feel today. As interiors became more modern and contemporary, lighter woods were incorporated to give an airier feel to a room. Pine was very popular for fitted furniture such as wardrobes and chest of drawers. As interior design has evolved even further, white is the new ‘in’ colour for furniture as it embraces the minimalism trend.

However, many homeowners still feel afraid of the colour white. They fear it is bland and boring, not a suitable colour for any room except the bathroom. They think it dirties easier and will never look as clean as furniture or upholstery in a darker shade.

However white is still growing in popularity as homeowners realise its true potential. Many people are decorating their entire living rooms and kitchens white, with a range of shades such as grey and beige included for a little contrast. But don’t forget, opting for white walls or white fitted furniture doesn’t mean everything has to be white. It acts as a perfect blank canvas to get creative with.

The colour white

Why is it that people get intimidated by the colour white in their own homes, yet when they experience it in luxury spas and hotels they love it? There is something about being immersed in white that brings a sense of calm and serenity. Yet white also has a sophisticated personality, and depending on how it is used it can also exude chic city class and transform a room into a stylish haven.

White is associated white light, goodness and purity. As the colour of innocence, it makes us feel safe, secure and clean. Why would anyone not want to use white to give that atmosphere to your home?

The benefits of white

The crispness of white interiors has many benefits. Here are just a few to try and persuade you not to shy away from the colour:

  • It creates space! Why do you think most bathrooms – the smallest room in most properties – are decorated white? White walls make a room feel more spacious by reflecting more light. This is why so many apartments and flats embrace white walls and surfaces too, as it makes the most of the space.
  • It gives a clean, fresh feel which is perfect all year round. Dark colours can feel wintery and pastel shades too summery, but white is so versatile that it can be ideal to cool you down in summer and evoke warmth in the winter.
  • It frames the centrepiece. If you have a large piece of art or colourful selection of possessions which you wish to showcase, white is the perfect colour to do so.
  • White is a standard paint colour which you can find anywhere – this means white furniture lasts a long time as it is easy to touch up and repair.

The white furniture revolution

Now we’ve explained the benefits of using white around the home, you can see why it would make the perfect colour for furniture. Bookcases, workstations, wardrobes, dressing tables, tables and chairs all look beautiful in white.

Classic French bedroom furniture is usually white or cream, which successfully gives off a luxury allure. Yet crisp, contemporary white furniture can have the opposite effect of traditional. Utterly modern and beautiful, its simplicity and functionality speaks for itself.

White bookcases and media units are also sophisticated and match any existing décor. That’s the great thing about white furniture – it doesn’t have to match any other furniture in the room and the walls don’t have to be white either – it will work with any interior design scheme whatsoever. White bookcases and shelves are a great blank canvas for showcasing flowers, ornaments, colourful candles and accessories. Take a look at some of the work we’ve done for clients requesting white fitted furniture:

Are you ready to embrace beautiful white furniture in your home? 

Originally published by Tristan Titeux https://www.empatika.uk/blog/furniture/whats-so-good-about-white-furniture/