7 Advantages Of Using Trundle Beds For Your Home

7 Advantages Of Using Trundle Beds For Your Home

Having a limited space due to large room furniture is a common problem in many homes. When you resort to breaking walls and reconstructing bedrooms to create a free area, you will incur a high renovation cost. You might also consider taking out fittings or excluding some basic room essentials. But all these can be stressful. So, what can you do? The best action to take is to use space-conserving elements. 

Why trundle beds? This model is one of the most reliable options to consider if you need extra area in your room. Besides this, there are loads of benefits that come with using this model in your home. Are you wondering why this bed type is good for you? This guide helps you know the advantages of using storable beds. Keep reading to learn more!

What are Trundle Beds? 

There is a high chance that you might have come across trundle (truckle) beds in your search for beds. You can otherwise refer to truckle beds as push beds. They use a standard frame and structure of regular beds. But they have an extra pull-out system underneath. This foldable structure also contains an additional bed that can accommodate one person. 

There are no ideal shapes or sizes for this bed class. They vary in dimensions, forms, and shapes. Most designs of this model are fancy and sophisticated. Most of them use colorful methods that make it suitable for kid’s rooms. In fact, it might appear like a couch with a bed underneath. 

Benefits of Using Truckle Beds in Your Home

The demand for trundle beds is fast rising in many outlets. The reason for this rise is the immense benefit of this option. If you are out on a bed hunt, this model should be on your consideration list. 

The advantages of a foldable bed will not only help you to decide if you should get it or not. They will also aid you in realizing how much value it will add to your home. Find out some of these benefits below:

1. Helps to Conserve Space 

A trundle bed is one of the best options to go for if you use a room with limited space. It does not only help you to conserve space because of its compact size. It offers both storage area and reservation for one bed less.

Also, this model is suitable for small apartments. This option can fit into sections as small as kids’ rooms. It will help you accommodate two people in areas as tight as studios. 

2. Provide Storage and Bedding Area

Most push beds have storage compartments like drawers. These sections can help you store different materials and valuables. In fact, the size and number of sideboards in some trundle frames might replace dressers. 

Also, foldable beds conserve space by helping you to add an extra bed to your room. This accessory section will not require additional area. It finds its space beneath the actual frame. So, you can easily pull it out when you need it and return it after use. 

3. You get Two Beds in One 

Having two beds in one trundle bed is not some bonus or tip. It is what you signed up for when you decide to get one. Getting a push bed means you have two sleeping spaces. 

You will find one bed at the top of the actual frame and the other one beneath it. The use of one does not disturb the other. So, you can use both structures simultaneously.

4. Variable Size Selection 

Another exciting feature about this option is that it is available in various sizes. You will get one that will fit any room area. So, you have the luxury of picking any dimension and design that suits your needs. 

The measurement of the main bed is slightly bigger than the one underneath. But both beds are proportional, and each one can take an individual. 

5. Manage Costs 

Do you have a meager budget but need more than one bed? There is nothing to feel troubled over. This model will offer you a double-bed option at a low cost. 

For instance, if you have four kids, you can get two push beds instead of getting one for each kid. You can save on the other two beds. Another significant benefit is that the price of this option is not more than regular selections. 

6. Valuable Options for Sleepovers 

Kids can come over for breaks and holidays. You might have an unexpected guest that needs to sleepover in your home. Foldable beds save you the physical and mental stress of looking for an extra rest area when these situations arise. Push beds have you prepared every time a visitor wants to spend the night in your house. This benefit makes it ideal for your extended relations and kid’s room. 

7. Comes with Flexible Designs 

This option is usually available in various designs. Besides this, most structures of a trundle are flexible and will fit most interior decors. Also, you can find the perfect pattern for each room type. For instance, you will get truckle beds for adults and bunk beds with trundles for kids. 

Various Styles of Truckle Beds 

There is no limitation to the styles of push beds available. Regardless of the look and layout you want, you will always find a trundle bed that fits it. The list below shows some of the most common options of this model:

  1. Bunk foldable beds 
  2. Sleigh beds 
  3. Captain beds 
  4. Day beds with trundles 

Are Trundle Beds Good for Everyday Use? 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with using trundle beds every day. The main spaces and additional beds underneath serve a similar purpose. You can use it like every other option available. 

So, when you get a push bed, you are getting a piece of standard home furniture. And it will serve all everyday purposes. 


If you want to get a bed for limited space, there is nothing to worry about. Truckle beds, among other bed types, are suitable for you. Besides this, they help you to save cost, provide storage space, with other benefits. So, acquiring a push bed is a valuable home investment. 

Even if you do not need a new bed right now, you would need it one day. Either way, ensure to take your time and find the best option for you. There are several types of trundle beds you can choose from in the market. Feel free to try a truckle bed today!