Ultimate Guide To Daybeds For Your Home

Ultimate Guide To Daybeds For Your Home

When you're out shopping, you'll probably come across daybeds and wonder what they're for or if they'd work in your home. They provide a trendy sofa during the day or a cozy full-size bed at night and an adaptable and practical choice for those with limited room. This style has a simple, flexible design, but they're also quite affordable, making them a great choice for a spare bedroom or home office. Keep reading if you're thinking about getting a new one but aren't sure if it's the ideal option for you or your child.

What Are Daybeds?

Along with its main function as a bed, it can also double as a sofa. In short, it's a couch that converts into a sleeping cot. With this structure, you can turn your home office, guest room, or living room into a bedroom. It can also be a three-sided version of a single bunk. While they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are most commonly identified by twin-size mattresses with frames on three sides. In contrast, standard bunks simply have a headboard and footboard.

In a nutshell, this style is a multi-functional item that is suitable for compact living areas. Depending on your preference, it can be constructed with luxury linen upholstery and vintage metal nail accents, or it can be made of a simple wood structure. Also, it's said to be an excellent solution on days where you don't want to be sitting on a chair.

The Materials Used

Wood, metal, or a mixture of wood and metal can be used to create their frames. A trundle is often included with this version to increase sleeping capacity. A link spring is also used as the mattress support structure in many modern versions. It is a metal frame with cross supports that is rectangular in shape (similar to the footprint of the mattress). The link spring design provides stability while also allowing for storage under the mattress.

Metal side and center rails provide support in both the daybed and the trundle if one is available. They commonly have wooden slats for further stability and comfort. There will be no need for a separate box spring or base! With plenty of throw blankets and cushions, you can even design yours to be cozier. They exist in a range of shapes and sizes, and they cater to a number of styles. You will find that this version is mostly used in living spaces and guest bedrooms.

How Big Are They?

You can find this style of sleeping cot in at least two sizes, allowing for individuals of all ages and sizes to use them. While most versions come with a twin mattress, there are others that come with full-size mattresses that are suitable for teen or adult sleepers. Of course, a larger mattress equals a larger daybed, so be sure you have the space for it.

Usually, the ones available on the market are often not built to be any larger than regular-sized mattresses, unless they are custom-made. In reality, they require mattresses to be completed. The mattresses usually match standard sizes. This makes them, on average, larger than couch beds, although the majority of them are twin-sized. These versions are designed to fit a normal twin mattress, which measures 75 inches long by 38 inches wide. Yet, some are bigger and designed to accommodate a full-size mattress, measuring 75 inches long by 54 inches wide, though they are less popular. Unfortunately, you will not find any in queen or king sizes.

How Can I Make It Larger?

By linking this style with a pop-up trundle bed at one edge, you can create a big sleeping space.

Because most trundle kinds contain a twin size mattress, the normal size of a trundle version is 38 inches × 75 inches x 4 inches tall. An average mattress height is 6 inches. Therefore, the overall height from the bottom of the casters to the top of the mattress is about 10 inches. Having this type of sleeping bunk for a single person during an overnight stay is good to have, but with a trundle, it can accommodate at least two people at any time.

You can neatly store the trundle under the mattress. If you pull it out, you will have another sleeping area. Also, not all versions with trundles include a second mattress, so you may have to buy one extra. In other cases, you can even convert this sleeping bunk into a full bed. You can put a queen or king-sized mattress on it. However, it isn't practical because you won't be able to use it as a sofa. Besides, their frames are normally fixed and made with a head end, foot end, and back, so you cannot convert them into double beds. 

What Is The Best Place For One?

Since this version may be used as both a seating and sleeping area, they may be placed in any room of your home. These styles are known for their small size as compared to a full bed. This characteristic makes them a perfect unit in any open space you want to fill up. They even complement existing pieces of furniture because of their versatile nature. Therefore, the area beside the fireplace in the living room is best suited for this type of sleeping cot. The warmth of a firepit can easily lure the user to take a nap on a winter night among the cushions; if you are going for the cozy look. Similarly, having one by the pool can allow you to take a comfortable tanning session in all its simplicity.

Ranging from home offices, living areas, studies, and the outdoors, they can become a natural part of your home's flow. The most popular application for this multi-functional item is in a spare room or home office. It may be used as a sofa or chaise lounge to entertain guests and a place to rest if the workload becomes too much. If you're going to put one in a bedroom, it's best to put it against a wall, especially if you're working with a small space. That way, if it has a trundle, you can have ample area to pull it out and sleep one more. This might help you make the most of your available space while keeping your room looking tidy. 


This style of sleeping arrangement has become a popular choice for tiny and multi-functional spaces in the home. These furniture items are often chosen for media rooms or spare bedrooms because they offer a wide range of decor options.  Also, with this version, you can provide your visitors with a sleeping space without needing a complete room. 

Extra Sleep Area

The second pull-out bed is included in many versions. If you have many overnight guests, a trundle bunk below one provides even more sleeping space. The trundle is usually lightweight or on wheels, so you can easily pull it out when needed. Once it is in place, you must lock two casters to create two twin-sized sleeping areas. It's great for hosting guests. You can also use this type to accommodate two children in a lesser space. This can be easily done if you have small children sharing a room. You can also avoid the chance of one of them falling from a top bunk and hurting themselves.


The majority available on the market have a simple design and a neutral frame. This allows you to decorate it with throw pillows and other accessories. Moreover, the uneven shape adds visual appeal to any room. You can turn your furniture into a diverse interior style that goes with any room decor and fits in any room size.


Its adaptability is shown by its combination of a half-bed and a half-sofa. The multi-functional aspect of this style of bunk bed can also save you money and space. While it can act as a couch in the morning, in a few steps, you can transform it into a comfortable bed. Its smaller size also enables you to accommodate and use smaller rooms. 

Space Friendly

It is perfect for tiny spaces because of its size and simplicity. You can use it as a second sofa, and if necessary, a twin bed. If you want to maximize a limited area and provide an adaptable and comfy sleeping location, you should use one. Besides, with the extensive selection on the market, you can find one that fits in your tiny room effortlessly.


Not only will the durable metal or wood construction last for years, but the simple styling will allow it to be passed down through generations as an heirloom! This is why it is recommended to prioritize quality over a cheap alternative.

Adds Character

You might use one with colorful pillows and blankets to shape and jazz up your space. For example, you can use it to fill an empty part of a large living room or a playroom. It also works nicely in some family rooms, providing extra bedding if necessary.


A good quality mattress, without a question, makes sleeping much more pleasant. You can take full advantage of yourself by selecting the right mattress. They come in a variety of quality levels, so think about how often you'll be using them when deciding on the firmness of the pad needed. If you are going to use it regularly, you may need a firmer mattress to last longer.

Different Options

Some have movable backrests, allowing you to change the position for maximum comfort. You will also find ones with different frames and colors to suit the design of your room. Ranging from modern designs to vintage-inspired styles, you are still able to decorate your room despite limited space.


You can easily switch from a seating area to a bed. It also has space underneath for you to keep anything that you don't want your guests to see. If you're expecting a baby, a version with drawers for the nursery might be a good option. You can easily reach your belongings while still feeding your little one.

The Different Types

There is a style out there for everyone, whether you want one for your kids or just want to take a nap in the sun. Wood, metal, and fabric are the most common materials used for this type of sleeping cot. Metal and wood elements give a modern twist, while cushioned kinds have a luxurious feel!


There are two types of trundles:

  • Pop-up trundles are popular because, when set next to each other, they can convert your twin bed into a king version. This offers more space for your guests.
  • Drawer and slide-out trundles are usually made to match a specific cot. So the drawer measurements will perfectly fit the frame of your bunk. Also, a twin-size mattress can be stored in a drawer trundle.

These designs are famous in children's rooms since they are suitable for sleepovers. You can also use 

Drawer trundles can also be used as extra storage space if they are kept empty.

The Sofa-like

This type can be seen as sofas because of their bulky design and shape, which is very similar to sofas. If anything, they may seem the most difficult category to convert into a bed. Yet, removing the trundle frees up a little more room for another person. With their couch design, they can fit beautifully with your seating furniture in living rooms.


A simple version stands up to its name and function; at first look, it seems to be a seating place. However, in just a few steps, you can have a practical, simple, and effective bed setup. With its versatile design, it would fit nicely in a child's room, just as it would in your office.

Stylish And Modern

To fit with the modern minimalist fashion, they have sleek lines and basic material frames. They often come with no armrests nor backrests. It's a blank canvas that you can edit to your liking.


Lounge versions have a fixed or flexible back on one side, making them extremely comfortable and movable. You can easily find them on beaches or around pools as a luxury item. Moreover, the materials used are durable and can withstand any changes in the weather. Whether there is rain or sunshine, you can leave them outside without any worry!

Elegant And Vintage

They are usually the focal point of a space, giving a nostalgic vibe. Elegant designs are intricate and timeless. In large designed spaces such as hotels and lounge rooms, they lend a touch of vintage.

What Is The Most Comfortable One?

An upholstered style will give you a luxurious feel and make you feel the most comfortable. This is because it has a plush headboard and footboard as well as armrests. So, you will not have to worry about laying your head on a wooden armrest or laying your back against metal frames. It provides a nice touch and a cozy space to not only sit but also sleep on because it is covered in cloth. A wood slat base can also improve air circulation, keeping the mattress fresher for longer. The frame responds to weight and offers the right amount of support, making it more comfortable.

However, while this version is less comfortable to sit on compared to sofas and less pleasant to sleep on than beds, there are simple solutions to improve comfort in these situations. The amount of comfort is highly dependent on the mattress size. Most of the time, they do not have a mattress, so you will need to purchase one separately. Lucky for you, most ordinary mattresses will fit in a trunk. It's a good idea to know the dimensions of your frame before buying one. 

Making Yours More Comfortable

If you have a standard one, make sure the frame is at least a twin size (39′′ x 75′′). If it's a narrow twin, it'll be a little too tiny for most people to sleep comfortably on. They are seen as seating spaces. So, you can add as many cushions and designs as you like to make yours comfier. They are usually the same size as a twin mattress, so they are quite deep. Bolster pillows can also make yours comfier.

If you don't have a plush, upholstered version, you may need extra cushions in the back to provide a good backrest. Cushions will help you in reducing the seat length so that your legs will fit easily. Additionally, you can use more cushions to help pad the armrests and make it comfier to rest your arms on. Finally, throwing cushions and blankets could be used to give it a stylish touch. 

Best Style For Kids

Since they have three sides, you can use them as a regular bed. Therefore, they are a great choice for a child's or teen's bedroom. They can also be put along walls to free up floor space, allowing your children to have more playrooms.

A simple trundle bunk acts as a perfect style for children for the following reasons:

Simple designs

There are simply the most basic designs available, with no complex decor. As a result, you can personalize and adjust your sleeping cot according to your child's preferences.


You can also adjust other parts of the design while staying within a budget. As your children grow, they can decorate their own room and bed without difficulty.

Saves space

It works well if you have two or more kids sharing a room or if you have limited space. It gives a clean look during the day.

Dual Functionality

They can be a nice place for the kids to unwind on movie evenings or to relax and read throughout the day. A trundle day bed can be stored under the main mattress during the day. Children can use the sofa when more space is needed for play and activity.

More Storage

With limited space comes limited storage. You can easily solve this problem by choosing a version with drawers. It will give you plenty of room to store your children's toys, books, and supplies. Also, the room will appear clean and tidy despite the small space.


Solid wood or metal bed frame provides strength and support, with sufficient support slats for each type. So, your child's safety is guaranteed if they clearly follow safety guidelines. Moreover, you can find low-floored ones to minimize falling from a dangerous height.

Do They Have Storage?

The trundle parts of these styles set them apart from other beds. They can either hold a separate mattress for another user or be used as extra storage. The majority of this type includes built-in storage drawers to keep your items organized and out of the way. This makes day beds the best in space-saving solutions. Besides, storage is also provided by two drawers built inside the trundle below the mattress.

If yours has a trundle, it will contain a pull-out drawer that fits a mattress. The drawer is hidden under the frame, serving as a hideout to save space. Shelving can also be used to create more storage space. This area can be used to store big blankets, spare clothes, or almost anything!


Daybeds can be used in small bedrooms, offices, and to connect seating in vast living areas. It gives you a unique feel that matches your preferences and can always be jazzed up with cushions. It can be a great solution for kids as it provides storage and allows your child to share their room during sleepovers.

Whether you want one with arms and a backrest depends on how you want to use it. You should also pay close attention to the sort of mattress you buy in order to get maximum comfort! If you want to buy one, think about the many kinds that are available on the market and which one suits your family's needs the best!