Twin Over Full Bunk Bed: Its Safety and Other Tips

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed: Its Safety and Other Tips

Buying a twin over full bunk bed is a great investment for a growing family. It’s perfect if you have 2 or more kids and want to make the most of the available space in your home. They are practical and allow more children to comfortably share a room.

However, the height aspect of bunk beds means you need to know the important safety aspects to consider. Do you want to keep your kids from suffering injuries while using the bunk bed? Then continue reading to take the right precautions to ensure your children are safe from falls and bumps.

Is Twin Over Full Bunk Bed safe?

Modern beds demonstrate higher levels of safety than earlier models because of the new regulations set in place.  However, these beds can be dangerous without the proper precautions. Learning about the safety features helps you choose the best model for your kids.   

  • No sharp edges

Beds with sharp edges can cause painful accidents that could have been avoided with a few simple tricks. If you’ve already purchased a bunk bed, you can buy furniture foam to cover the sharp edges. Although they don’t look aesthetically pleasing, they will protect you against accidental bumps and cuts. Using foam is brilliant for those who have young children.

However, if you haven’t placed an order yet, there are plenty of options that have sharp-free edges. They feature rounded edges to prevent painful accidents.

  • Guardrails

The most common injury from bunkbeds is falling off during sleep. That’s why these beds come with guardrails on the top bunk. Safety regulations require new bunk beds to have a guardrail that extends to 5-inches in height. We recommend a higher safety barrier to guarantee no accidental falls.

The guardrail should have a gap of at least 15-inches between the headboard and footboard. This is to prevent a child from putting their head in a gap and potentially cause strangulation. The stairs or ladder should have rails for extra safety when climbing up or down.

  •  Ergonomic ladder

Having a premium build is important, and an ergonomic ladder or staircase is just as essential. The ladder or staircase should be easy to climb and built at an angle for convenience. The angle should be just right so that you can lean forward with your weight. Steep ladders can be a hazard for children if they don’t have enough strength to go straight up.

Correct placement of the guardrail is super important. It should be easy to place your hands and help climb up to the top. The grip is an important factor so that you don’t slip. If the wood is smooth, you can purchase rubber handgrips or fit in wooden handgrips. Also, before using the bed, make sure that all the bolts and screws are tightly fitted. If the bunk bed is for children, don’t let kids under seven use the ladder for safety purposes.

  •   Soft double bottom bunk

A soft double bottom bunk bed features a broader surface underneath, so if a child were to fall off, their landing would be cushioned. This type of bed is perfect for parents with a young child. You’ll be sleeping in close proximity. Therefore, when there are problems or accidental falls you are right there to help.

  •  Good quality materials

 It’s important to purchase a bunk bed that uses strong materials to ensure a long-lasting product. Thanks to sustainable sourcing, beds are available in a variety of wood types. Oak is a tough wood that will last for years and support heavy loads. The wood should use a non-toxic, water-based lacquer to protect it from stretches and bashes. 

On the other hand, metal bed frames made from steel or iron provide stable support and longevity. Due to the strong material, the bed will support growing bodies, making it an ideal choice for years ahead. Metal framed bunk beds are usually cheaper than the wooden alternative. Therefore, if you’re on a budget, a metallic bed is a brilliant option.

 7 Bunk Bed Tips to Keep Kids Safe

Purchasing a bunk bed for children is an ideal choice for saving room space. However, young kids are clumsy, which is why you should know the necessary tips to keep them safe.

1. Teach kids how to climb

A lot of accidents happen when children try to climb up to the top bunk and slip. You can take all the precautions of setting up the ladder, but kids make mistakes. It may seem like a shortfall off the ladder, but young bodies are weaker than adults. This is why you should teach them how to climb before giving them permission to sleep on top.

The first step is to teach your children to take their time and not rush going up. Place a soft mattress or pillows underneath the ladder that can break the fall during the learning period.  

2. Keep an eye on your kids

 After you’ve taught your kids how to use the ladder and take the necessary safety measures, watch how they interact with the bunk bed. If they are using the bed incorrectly, tell them off and teach them how to stay safe. Children forget fast, which is why it’s essential to go over what not to do every time. Also, you could have a poster next to the bed with rules so that they see it every time they are ready to sleep.

3. Avoid clutter around the bunk bed

Another important tip is to avoid clutter around the bed. You will teach your child to live in a clean environment and be safe at the same time. Sharp objects should not be around the bed because falling on them can cause painful injuries. Also, the top bunk shouldn’t have unnecessary items so that the child has plenty of space to get comfortable.

Having a carpet is ideal since it will somewhat break the fall from the top bunk. Moreover, the carpet will prevent the bed from sliding on the floor.

4. Buy a safer model

To prevent accidents from happening, purchasing a safe bed model is ideal. As we mentioned before, there’s plenty of choices to fit your needs. A bed without sharp edges can stop accidents from doing more damage. Also, make sure that the structural integrity of the bed is strong.

5. Choose the right mattress

You should make a few considerations when choosing a mattress for your bunk bed. Larger sizes won’t fit, which means you need to know the exact height. Low-profile mattresses are the best option because you want the side guards to stay higher. Also, most mats are often too heavy to use for the top bunk. Therefore, it’s essential to select an option that is low and light.

Plenty of companies provide mattresses for top bunks, which use advanced materials for long-lasting comfort. It’s better to spend more money on the mattress so that your child sleeps well. Many cheaper options aren’t comfortable and can damage your kid's back in the long run.

6. Only one kid on the top bunk

It’s extremely important that you only let one child on the top bunk because the beds aren’t built to support a lot of weight. It may seem fine at first to keep more than one kid on the top bunk, but the structural integrity will deteriorate over time. Also, children are super active, and having more than one on top means they’ll move about more.

In most cases, kids fight over the right to sleep on the top bunk. So you can make them take turns to sleep on the top bunk or make them do chores for the right to.

7. Assemble the bed correctly

A lot of accidents happen when parents don’t assemble the bed correctly, which is easily avoidable. Beds come with instructions on how to build the bunk accurately. It’s crucial to double-check every step to make sure that you assemble the bunk bed correctly. Before beginning the setup process, place every screw and bolt in a visible place so that you won’t lose them.

After you’ve finished setting up the bunk bed, double-check every bolt and screw to make sure they are tight. The last thing you want is the bed to break due to something being too loose. Also, every two to four weeks, check the bed to ensure that everything is okay.

Twin Over Full Bunk Beds Buying Tips

Purchasing a twin bunk bed can be a lengthy process if you’re unsure what to look for. It’s crucial to know all the buying tips before you start looking at options. Having the necessary information will ensure that you select the best bunk bed for your children.

  •  Price

    When purchasing a bunk bed set a budget of what you can spend. Ideally, paying more is better because you’ll get a premium quality product. Buying a budget bed can lead to long-term problems such as back pains and terrible sleep. This is because cheaper options will have an uncomfortable mattress.

    However, if you spend a lot on the bed, you’ll ensure that your children get the best sleep. The mattress will use premium-grade materials for extra comfort. The frame is going to use strong materials such as wood, metal, or a combination of both.

    •  Sleep quality 

    Getting the best sleep is vital for a successful day. A premium mattress will ensure that you or your children can rest comfortably. A memory foam mat will take the form of the body and will adapt to your sleeping positions. Make sure there’s enough headspace so that nobody gets claustrophobic.

    •  Extra features

    When choosing the best bunk bed, you’ll be met with a variety of options. The extra features can make or break the bed you selected. A brilliant extra feature is having draws underneath the bed, which you can use to store items. Some beds will come with bedside caddies that organize items while hanging over the side of the rail.

    •  Size

    Getting a bunk bet is a great alternative to getting two beds because of how much space you save. Most of these beds come with draws underneath, which provides an excellent storage area. There are four types of twin size bunk beds:

    1. Twin over twin bunk bed: one twin bed on top and underneath. This is an excellent choice for those with twins.
    2. Twin over full bunk bed: one twin bed on the top and a full bed on the bottom. This is perfect for those with an older child who shares a room with a sibling.
    3. Full over full bunk bed: one full bed on top and a full bed on the bottom. Excellent for small children who will grow into their beds.
    4. Twin loft: A twin bed on top with desk space underneath.
    • Brand

    The brand of the bunk bed is super important because some produce better quality products than others. A premium brand has a track record of making high-quality products that will last a lifetime. However, they can increase their prices because of their reputation. This means you may find the same quality bed with a lesser-known brand.

    On the other hand, you can go with a smaller brand and get a better deal. Make sure you do the necessary research beforehand. Read reviews left by other customers so that you guarantee yourself a premium quality product.

    •  Material

    A crucial factor that should go into your final decision is the material used to build the bed. As we mentioned, wood is a brilliant material that looks great in any environment. There are multiple types of wood that provide longevity. However, if you want an even strong material, then metal is the next best thing. Iron or steel will provide a long-lasting product that will last for years.

    Also, check the material of the mattress because you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Memory foam, unlike springs, provides an experience unlike any other. Your body will sink into the mat to provide everlasting comfort.

    Final thoughts

    Choosing a bunk bed requires various safety considerations to keep your kids safe. The material needs to be durable, avoid sharp edges and the guardrails should be high. Also, an ergonomic ladder helps kids climb up by minimizing the risk of falling.

    Kids love sleeping on a twin over full bunk bed. They are practical and can help you make the most of a small room. Consider the safety features in this article to buy one that decreases the likelihood of injuries.