Top 7 Queen Headboards In 2022: Styles, Colors, And Prices

Top 7 Queen Headboards In 2022: Styles, Colors, And Prices

The headboard is one of the most important parts of any bed. It adds style and elegance to the structure, making the whole bed look more inviting. It also gives you something to rest against when you want to sit up in the mornings or evenings. 

But with so many headboards to choose from, it can be a challenge to know "What are the most popular headboards?" Well, if you're unsure where to start, this guide will go over some of the very best queen headboards you can get today. 

The Best Queen Headboards for 2022

Afy Contemporary Camelback Queen Headboard

Queen size fabric headboards are hugely popular at the moment. This is due to their comfort and aesthetics, and this is one of the best. 

The Afy headboard is a modern piece with a timeless quality. It's fully padded all around, with linen-style fabric and nailhead trim. 

The tightly-wrapped upholstery of this headboard is strong and dependable. So you can rely on it for years to come. It's also very soft and padded with foam for your comfort.

The unit itself is available in several colors, including beige, blue, and gray. Plus, it comes with an adjustable height design. This allows it to fit well with different styles of bed and decor. The price for this headboard is $249.

Ervin Contemporary Style Leatherette Queen Size Headboard

If you're looking for a piece that can enhance your bedroom, the Ervin is a good choice. This is a leatherette bed part, available only in black. It works well in bedrooms that already have dark decor. But it can also serve as a statement piece in lighter spaces. 

The unit itself featured tightly-wrapped upholstery all around the board section. There's foam padding on the inside to give you a soft structure to lean on. 

You'll also find little rhinestones nestled among the fabric in a beautiful pattern. These gems add some shine and luxury to the piece and can enhance your bed's feel. The board also has a curved finish around the edges, as well as double stitching for added strength. This costs $303.

Copper Grove Toretsk Queen Stainless Steel Headboard 

If you have a low budget or want something simple for your headboard, the Toretsk is a good choice at a price of $85. This is a stainless steel headboard. It's available in three colors: white, gray, and brown. 

The board itself features quite a simple, timeless design. It works well with industrial or rustic themes, thanks to its simplicity. This is also a strong and dependable unit. 

The stainless steel can last for years without showing signs of age. It can also withstand pressure and weight without damage. This unit comes with adjustable height too, as well as non-marking foot caps to protect the floors.

Baxton Studio Mareike Mid-Century Modern Wood and Synthetic Rattan Headboard 

For something a little different, you may want to try the Mareike board. Priced at $179, this board is made from a beautiful blend of wood and synthetic rattan. 

The wood forms the rails around the top and sides of the board. In the center, rattan panels cover the main structure. This gives the product a unique, attractive aesthetic. It's available in just one color: ash walnut. The walnut brown finish brings warmth and beauty to the bedroom space.  

What's more, this headboard comes with six pre-drilled holes. That gives you five different height options. So it's a very versatile unit that you can use however you like.

Baxton Studio Mars Modern and Contemporary Fabric Headboard


If you like fabric queen-size headboards, you'll love Mars. This unit immediately catches the eye with its luxurious finish and beautiful shape. It's available in two different colors: greyish beige and dark grey. Both colors are equally attractive and can work well in different spaces and styles. 

As for the board's structure, it's made from rubberwood and MDF (medium-density fibreboard). The frame is then covered in durable polyester fabric with a button-tufted design. Solid wood legs finish off the piece. 

Strong, dependable, and attractive all at once, this headboard has a romantic bedhead shape with curved corners. This helps to make Mars look and feel unique. It can elevate the appearance of any bed. Like other popular units, this model also has an adjustable height design and it costs $269.

Loon Peak Libby Bookcase Headboard

If you have the budget to spare and want a unit with storage, the Libby could be right for you. This is a rustic-style, wooden headboard with built-in shelves and storage space. It's available in several different wood tones. Options include chestnut oak, coffee alder, golden oak, and black. So buyers have lots of options to choose from to suit their tastes and preferences.

Made in the USA, this model's main advantage is the aforementioned storage. You can put lots of items on this board, such as books, alarm clocks, photos, and more. 

The Libby is a beautifully crafted unit. It's inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement and is made with real wood from top to bottom. It's a great choice for those who want their headboard to do more.

The price for this headboard is $779, making it one of the more high-end items on our list.

Urban Outfitters Slatted Wooden Headboard

If you like wooden boards, this slatted unit could be your favorite. It features a really rustic, natural theme, with slatted planks of wood stacked top to bottom. Its price is $299.

This board fits snugly between the bed and the wall and can be installed with ease. You can either prop it between the bed and wall or mount it. It's only available in brown. But there are many different shades and grain patterns to be found in each plank.

On the downside, this wooden headboard doesn't have the same comfort levels as padded, upholstered units. But it's a nice option for people who want something attractive.


Overall, if you're looking to buy queen headboards, these are some of the top models to choose from. From rustic wooden units to premium upholstered boards, there are many options. It's important to think about the materials, colors, and features you like the best.