How To Style Your Bed Using A Contemporary Headboard

How To Style Your Bed Using A Contemporary Headboard

There are loads of materials that should go into a modern bedroom. One of these elements is a contemporary headboard. Many people often overlook this bedchamber addition, but it might just be that missing piece you need to complete a classy space. 

Do you wish to create a stylish, soothing, and relaxing environment in your bedroom? Then you should consider styling your bed with a headboard. This guide offers simple and elegant ways to decorate your bed with modern headboards. Keep reading to learn more!

7 Impressive Ways to Style Your Bed Using Contemporary Headboard

Highlighted below are options to consider to style your bed using a modern headboard:

1. Create A Room Screen 

Creating a room screen is one of the best ways to style your bed with modern headboards. It involves creating a wall panel. The wall panel projects from the downside of the bed and extends to a few inches away from the roof. 

The headboard style you use can help you to propel the contemporary decor better. Also, you can create a different contrast with colors. Paint your wall with a contrasting hue with the headboard. 

2. Use Fabric Headboards 

Fabric headboards create one of the best modern feelings in the bedroom. It fits a bed of any size, including the twin and the queen size bed. The fabrics cover the surface of the headboard, and its color usually blends with the room design. 

Usually, the pattern of a fabric headboard is minimal, but it still reflects a cozy vibe. The framework of the headboard can be from any material ranging from wood to metals. But the outer appearance is dependent on the fabrics for covering. 

3. Wooden Headboards 

Do you want a modern headboard in your room without breaking the bank? Try wooden headboards. This option is available in various styles and designs. You will also find it in multiple colors because you can paint the wood in any color you choose. 

One of the fascinating things about wooden headboards is that they never go out of style. The fact that they are from wood improves their authentic appearance. It also makes the room feel warm, attractive and inviting. 

This headboard selection will be a perfect fit for a bedroom with a minimal or rustic design. Besides, it is one of the cheapest options you will find around. Note that the wooden style is broad, so feel free to explore. 

4. Use Neutral Color for Your Headboards 

Most contemporary designs are famous for their simple lines, geometry, and neutral colors. It is best to keep this consideration in mind when styling your bed with a headboard. It doesn’t matter if you are designing with a contemporary queen headboard or contemporary twin headboard. Neutral colors will give your bed an outstanding outlook.

You can even improve the style with the colors of the bedroom and your bedsheets. You can take a cue from the headboard to create a room with unique neutral colors. What you get is a simple yet elegant and sophisticated space. 

5. Use Black and Bold Leather 

Black and bold is beautiful and has always been one of the most impressive contemporary concepts. Although it might appear masculine, it doesn’t mean you cannot make it work well in any room. This headboard uses leather in place of fabrics, and it sits pretty elegantly. 

The headboard will stand distinct against the wall due to this black leather. This design is chic and timeless. Black never goes out of style, and it will settle quickly with other colors in the bedroom. It is best to opt for leather with a smooth faux finish covering a fireboard and plywood. 

6. Bookcase or Cabinet Style Headboards 

Do you wish to create some extra storage space with your headboard? Use a bookcase or cabinet-style headboard. This style will offer you something more functional than just a beautiful contemporary look. It provides simple storage space for light materials like books. 

Usually, this headboard style is from wooden materials with a contemporary finish. You can have a series of storage compartments and adjustable shelves. The size of the headboards or their storage compartments is dependent on the bed and headboard dimensions. With this style, you have easy access and storage of materials like books, lamps, alarm clocks, and other personal items. 

7. Use Metal Headboards 

Another way to style your bed with contemporary headboards is using metal frames. Just like wooden headboards, you can create unique styles and colors with metals. Also, you can have it in any size of your choice, depending on your room and bed dimension. Although this option is less common than the wooden ones, it can be as stylish and versatile.

Most times, metal frames come in black colors. You can choose to leave it in black or touch it with other colors to fit specific designs. Either way, metal headboards are classy. And this option will fit into both modern and contemporary bedroom interiors. 

Should A Headboard Be Wider Than the Bed? 

Usually, a headboard can be the same size as the bed or a few inches wider. Having a headboard that is 2 to 4 inches wider than the bed is excellent. Your choice can be dependent on the available area in the room and other related factors. 

But if you have space on either side of the bed frame, the headboard must be wider than the bed. The extra inches on the headboard will cover the areas on each side. But headboards should not extend beyond bedside tables.


Styling your bed with a contemporary headboard will fit all modern interior designs. It will make your room attractive and warm. And you can never go wrong by picking this decor option. The list above will give you an idea of the proper styling selections.  

All you need is to figure out the best style that will flow with your interiors. Also, ensure to get your bed frames with headboards from a reputable source. The journey to creating a classy and stylish bedroom is endless. Feel free to explore!