Steps To Style Your Bedroom Using A Modern Daybed

Steps To Style Your Bedroom Using A Modern Daybed

The daybeds originated from ancient Rome and Egyptian people, who use them to relax, socialize, and eat. You can place modern daybed into your bedroom and style them accordingly to add a cozy and unique vibe. You can get a modern full-size daybed as it provides an ideal perch for conversation over coffee with your friends. It is an amazing addition of furniture in studio apartments, guest rooms, and home offices.

Looking for the best ideas to style your bedroom with a daybed? Here is a detailed guide that helps you from choosing the right color palette to buying bedroom accessories.

How do you style a room with a daybed?

If you have a small-size bedroom, a daybed is quite a natural fit. You can play around with matching colors and throw pillows to enjoy soft bedding. Here are the 6 easy-peasy steps to style your bedroom using a modern daybed. 

1. Pick the right palette

Start decorating your bedroom by choosing the right color scheme. It would be best to make sure what paint color you want for your bedroom walls. It is one of the low-cost but most crucial tools to transform your room. Once you are done with your room paint, you can buy other accessories for the room by keeping your color palette in mind.

2. Choose daybed color

Choosing the right daybed color and its accent is also important to transform your bedroom. Mid-century modern daybeds are available in beautiful black and white color to beautify your room and match your color theme. For instance, if you are using soft white or amber colors on the walls, go for a modern white daybed. Your room will look magnificent with this color combination.

3. Place the bed against the wall

Modern daybeds are the primary piece of your bedroom, so you need to fit them in the right place. They are mostly designed to fit against the wall, so choose a place where you would put a sofa. Mostly they should span around ½ to ⅓ of the length of the wall behind it.

4. Get the right size mattress

Most of the daybeds don’t come with a bed mattress, so you may need a custom-sized mattress separately. You can check a standard twin-size mattress if it fits your daybed. Also, if you are planning to use your daybed for a long time, you can add a comforter and fitted sheet. This way, it feels like an actual bed. Just lay the comforter over the mattress without tucking or folding it. If you are using your daybed as a couch or sofa, then use a mattress cover.

5. Punch daybeds with throw pillows

When you are using a daybed in your bedroom, let the bedding drape over the edges. Besides that, to make your daybed feel extra cozy, use tons of pillows. It will make your bed look extra soft and inviting. 

As the modern daybeds sit parallel to the window, you can change your place with throw pillows. Pile them using different patterns and colors accordingly to create a cozy place for peaceful sleep. You can also use large pillows in the back with ivory backgrounds.

6. Add throw blankets or comforter

To finish styling your daybed, use throw blankets or comforters. You can lay them diagonally across your daybed to let them hang off naturally. Make sure to get the accent color that matches your bedroom theme and design. After that, your daybed will look and feel complete.

If you are buying a modern daybed, you need to accessorize your room accordingly. Daybeds are designed to fit in the small room. So, you need to get things according to the size of your bedroom.

Getting accessories for your bedroom with a daybed

Accessorize your bedroom with a classic or modern style, according to your personality. If you are using a modern full daybed, then you should choose the accessories accordingly. These accessories will present your personality, and your room feels like you.

Choose rug carefully

A beautiful rug will offer comfort underfoot and define the boundaries of a seating area. While buying a rug, keep your room theme and color palette in mind.

Add matching curtains

Curtains are one of the essential things that provide important color splashes and patterns. While mounting, make sure to keep them above your window frame to create a grander space illusion. The curtains won’t only soften the space but also change the overall look of your room.

Place Mirrors

You can get mirrors according to room size as they help make your rooms feel larger. Make sure to put them where they reflect something amazing like artwork or your bedroom window.

Transform with light

Lights are responsible for transforming the mood, so they are crucial for any room. You can get 2 to 3 lights of your choice. For finishing, you can go for sculpture fixtures or soft salt lamps as they provide a peaceful aura to your room.

Opt for small portable furniture

Along with a daybed, you can also add small portable furnishings as they allow you to change the space function immediately. For example, you can add a study table and a small chair if you have enough space. But, if that’s not possible, you can use a stool that serves as a laptop table or place to hold your laptop.

Pick out for Indoor plants

To give your small bedroom a cozy vibe, add some life by using indoor plants. You can opt for potted indoor plants to make your room look fresher. You can also get English Ivy, Snake plant, golden pothos, gardenia, and more and place them around your daybed.

Wrapping Up

Modern daybeds are both design perspective and utilitarian. Besides that, they work exceptionally perfectly for minimalist spaces. So, if you have a daybed, then it is time to transform your bedroom. From choosing the right color palette to buying accessories, you are ready to style your bedroom with a daybed. Happy styling!