Reasons To Get A Modern Wooden Headboard For Your Bed

Reasons To Get A Modern Wooden Headboard For Your Bed

Modern wooden headboards have beautifully crafted designs making your bed fit for a queen. The right headboard can:

  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Overhaul the visual look of your bedroom
  • Avoid smudges on the wall 
  • Keep you warm at night

Are you deciding if headboards are worth the hassle? In this blog post, you’ll find out the top reasons why they are the upgrade your bed needs. 

Top 12 Reasons To Install A Modern Wooden Headboard

Choosing the best wooden headboard to install in your bedroom can be confusing. You can simplify the selection process by understanding the top reason why adding one is a great idea.   

1. A Complete Look

It’s common knowledge that beds with a headboard contribute to a “complete look.” They act as a finishing touch to your sleeping area and provide many benefits. This includes supporting your back when sitting and not letting pillows fall off. Furthermore, there are many different styles available, so it’s easy to find the perfect match.

2. Prevent Marks On Walls

The headboard acts as a divider between you and the wall. Your hands can accidentally touch the wall when sleeping and damage the paint. Furthermore, the grease from your hair and sweat can stain, which is difficult to clean. Therefore, having a headboard can save you the hassle of cleaning the wall. It also reduces the maintenance costs because there are no smudge marks to get rid of.

3. Back Support

The headboard is a perfect solution for those who need back support. If you find yourself sitting in bed to read or use smart devices, then you rely on the wall behind you to sit up. The wall is hard and uncomfortable for long durations, but a headboard can solve these problems. As they come in various shapes, you can find an option that matches your comfort needs.

Back pain is one of the biggest issues from beds that don’t have the right features. Spending extra money on a headboard can prevent huge healthcare bills in the future.

4. Pillows Won’t Fall Out

How many nights have you lost sleep because you woke up due to your pillows falling off? A headboard can prevent this annoyance with ease. They are effective at keeping the pillows in their place. Consider investing in a headboard since a good night's rest is important to prepare you for the next day.

5. Easy to clean

You should clean your bed regularly to avoid the build-up of dust and mites. They are detrimental to sleep quality. That’s especially true if you suffer from dust allergies. Cleaning a wooden headboard is easy and you can complete the job when washing your sheets.

The combination of water and a cloth is all you need to clean the wooden headboard. You may require soap to get rid of stains. However, most products have a finish that reduces the stain bonding strength.

6. Storage

The clever designs of some backrests can provide extra storage space. The board's drawback is that it will be thick, so you’ll need extra space between the wall and bed. They provide excellent space to store items such as books, drinks, and more. It’s a good option if you need storage but don’t want to have drawers beside your bed.

7. Durability

When selecting a headboard make sure that it uses a premium wood type. That’s because higher-quality wood leads to better durability. The lifespan of the product increases so you won’t need a replacement shortly after purchase. Spending more is ideal since the wood will feel and look like a top-tier product.

Furthermore, headboards look good and increase the structural integrity of the bed. The bolts connect the frame together and make it difficult for the wood to bend.

8. Keeps You Warm

Headboards were originally designed to keep people sleeping insulated at night. The head releases a lot of heat and the back of the board will divert the heat back to you.

The heat insulating properties are most important if you live in a cold climate or the back of the bed is facing a window. The headboard blocks the cold air coming from the window, which keeps you warmer.  

9. Easy To Install

There are plenty of options that fit all types of bed frames for easy installation. It’s preferred to do it with a partner so that you can screw in the bolts while the other person holds the frame in place. However, with ease of use today you can install the backrest within a couple of minutes. The investment is worthwhile since you’ll get better sleep with just a few minutes of work.

10. Choice of sizes

It’s important to choose the size that best matches your height. When sitting up against the headboard it should provide support for your entire back. Consider choosing a size that’s bigger than what you think is required. Also, tall units can make a bed look more impactful visually in a room. It might make it more inviting, which leads to a cozy atmosphere.

11. No compatibility problems

You can mix and match most headboards with any bed. Once the correct sizing is chosen you don’t have to worry about how the headboard will attach to the frame. Most have a design that leads to no compatibility problems, which provides more choice for you.

12. Wood offers good visuals

It’s not difficult to find a wood type that will go with the interior decor style of your home. Wooden furniture tends to add character to homes instead of being an eyesore. Therefore, you can find a design that’s compatible with the look of your bedroom. 

Final thoughts

Wooden headboards have a long list of advantages for any bed. The mixture of easy installation and affordability reduces the roadblocks. Furthermore, they provide some important functional advantages such as keeping you warmer, adding storage space, and preventing marks on the wall.

Start looking for modern wooden headboards today for a style that matches your bed. With so many designs, you have the freedom to select one that puts a smile on your face.