Reasons To Choose Rattan Daybed For Your Home

Reasons To Choose Rattan Daybed For Your Home

Adding a rattan daybed to your home, whether it’s indoors or in the garden, adds a lot of value. You can use it to rest or spend quality time with your family. They are visually appealing and made from exotic materials.

Want to learn why daybeds are a great piece of furniture? In this blog post, we will share the reasons why investing in one is a good choice. Being informed about the advantages allows you to make the right selection.

Top 8 Reasons To Choose A Rattan Daybed

There are plenty of factors that should impact your final decision when selecting the daybed. Knowing what aspects to look for will come in handy when making the decision.

1. Durable

The material used to create the daybed is called Rattan. It’s a naturally renewable palm tree that grows in tropical regions, which is light and long-lasting. Purchasing a daybed made from this material benefits the environment because it reduces logging. Therefore, if you are about preserving wildlife, this type of outdoor furniture is an ideal choice.

Another benefit of these daybeds is that they use a waterproof coating, which means there is no need to apply a cover sheet after use. Make sure to check the water resistance rating because certain certifications are better than others.

2. Comfortable

The bed is comfortable because they come with soft cushions. The base is packed with mushy fabric for long-lasting comfort. Both the pillows and the base are usually water-resistant so that you can leave them outdoors. Therefore, you won’t have to bother with the daybed by bringing back all the cushions after every use.

3. Spend More Time With Family

The mattress is spacious, leaving a lot of areas for multiple people to lie down. It means you can spend time with your whole family there. Use the daybed to play board games since you’ll be in a comfortable environment. The furniture is especially great for parents with young children because you can rest while putting your child to sleep.

4. Aesthetically pleasing

The bed can come in many shapes and forms, so it’s essential to select an option that matches your needs when deciding.

  • Circular: this type features a rounded design that looks amazing and goes well with many garden decors. Some have a canopy that will provide shade on sunny days. Also, a few structures have enclosed shapes so that you have more privacy when the canopy is closed.
  • Flat: a common choice for most is a flat daybed because it closely resembles what you’re used to sleeping on. It will have a backrest to support pillows for extra comfort. The benefit of this type is that you’ll most likely already have rectangular bed covers that you can put on the bed.
  • Sofa: this design features two side rests that you can place pillows against. It will have less space compared to the other options, which makes it an ideal choice for couples.

When selecting the shape, make sure that it comes with all the features you need. Perhaps the most important is having a canopy. That’s because during hot weather you’ll want the shade. Also, the canopy can provide some privacy if it covers the sides as well as the top.

5. Spend More Time Outdoors

Nowadays people spend more time indoors than they should do. Therefore, having a comfortable space outdoors will lure you to go out more. You can do just as many activities as you would do indoors and get the benefits. For example, you can read, watch movies, sleep, and get Vitamin D from the sun.

6. Easy To Install

The most challenging part of the installation process is selecting where to place the bed. Setting up the furniture is easy because the bed will come mainly constructed and will only require a few pieces to install. However, it’s ideal to have at least two people to place the parts. One person holds the piece and the other tightens the screws.

7. Affordable

A big reason why the daybeds are popular is because of how affordable they are. Depending on the material, the price can vary a lot. Natural, high-quality pieces are going to cost more, but you’re getting a premium product. Also, real Rattan will last a long time because of its natural properties.

On the other hand, you can purchase a synthetic version, which will be a lot cheaper. For budget buyers, it’s a good choice because the wood feels and smells like the real thing.

8. Opportunity to rest

A daybed is an excellent opportunity to rest after a long day. Enjoying the outdoors and the sun is far better than lying on a bed indoors. You’ll have many benefits when resting outdoors, like getting Vitamin D and fresh air. Also, you can relax with pets since outdoor beds are easier to clean.

Also, taking a nap in a room other than your bedroom ensures you don’t have to sleep in only one room. It’s also practical if your bedroom is currently occupied and you want to rest.

Daybeds are easy to maintain

A great benefit of an outdoor bed is that they are effortless to maintain and doesn’t take a lot of effort.

  • Storage

Storing the daybed is a fast process that will take minutes because of the light and compact structure. Some daybeds have a foldable set up much like a sofabed. Therefore, you can fold the outdoor bed and reduce the amount of space it takes up.

Alternatively, you can store the daybed in a shed so that it doesn’t get wet when it rains. However, you’ll need at least another person to help you carry the bed as it’s too wide to move alone.

  • Use covers to protect from weather

When you finish using the bed, make sure to always cover it with a tarp. You might receive a cover with the daybed, which means you won’t need to find one separately. Purchasing a bed with an included cover is better because it’s designed to fit perfectly. However, if there isn’t a tarp in the package, it’s recommended that you buy one.

Heavy rain or snow can damage the daybed and using a cover can eliminate this problem. Therefore, ensuring longevity and saving you money in the long run since you won’t need to purchase another daybed any time soon.

  • Wash regularly

It’s important that you clean the mattress, covers, and pillows regularly. This is because the daybed will get dirty quicker compared to an indoor bed. Pets, children, and outdoor animals such as birds will get the bed dirty over time.

Furthermore, when you sleep, sweat and oils are released - especially if it’s a sunny day. Dead skin falls off the body, and dust mites love to eat them, which can lead to an infestation. Therefore, it’s recommended to clean the bed every month. You can clean the sheets and pillows by putting them in the washing machine with the correct settings. You’ll need to use a specific soap and a garden hose to clean the mattress.

Afterward, leave the mattress in the sun so that it can dry. Not drying the mat correctly can lead to mold developing.

Lots of daybeds to choose from

There are plenty of daybed options, which makes it a breeze to select the best choice.

  • Visual styles

When it comes to selecting the style of the bed, you’ll be happy to know that there are hundreds of options. Firstly, know what shape you’d like, the two most popular are rectangular and circular. A circular bed has a unique look that can make the garden come alive. The only drawback is if multiple people lay on the bed, the circle shape means that your feet will stick out.

Furthermore, the daybed can come in multiple visual styles such as luxurious, simple, and natural. Choose an outdoor bed that will complement the garden and won’t stand out. It will prevent it from taking attention from other aspects of your backyard. Also, you can customize the style of the bed by changing the sheets and pillows.

  • Sturdy legs

Another critical factor that should go into your final decision is the sturdiness of the legs. The legs will go through a lot of stress over their lifetime, so a durable leg frame is essential. Low-height legs are preferred because tall legs are prone to being wobbly. Also, a low center of gravity with low legs contributes to the overall structural integrity.

Gardens have uneven surfaces, and this can impact the legs more than you think. Having more pressure on one side of the bed than the other can lead to damage over time. Therefore, it’s best to select a flat area. However, if you have an uneven garden, you can use a lever and put planks of wood or any other flat material until the bed isn’t at an angle.

  • Material type

The daybeds are made from Rattan, which is a premium wood that belongs to the palm family. Most species are native to the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Australia, so you’ll be getting an exotic piece of furniture. Rattan wood uses long spines to climb over trees or plants and you can see a similar pattern in the daybed.

The material is excellent for garden furniture because it lasts up to 10-years. Also, it’s naturally waterproof, which makes it durable against the elements.

Indoor and outdoor daybeds

A huge benefit of a daybed is that you can use it indoors and outdoors. If you don’t want an ordinary bed, purchasing an outdoor daybed to place in your bedroom can be a great alternative. They are just as comfortable as a standard bed, and they’ll have a unique design.

For those living in a part of the world with four seasons, you can bring the bed inside for extra sleeping space. It’s great for those with regular guests or who want an additional sleeping area. The flexibility of moving the bed between indoors and the garden allows you to get more out of the furniture piece.

Where should you buy a daybed?

When it comes to purchasing an outdoor bed, you have two options – online or in person. Going to a nearby store has its benefits compared to online. You can see the product in person and check if it meets your requirements. You’ll get to test out how comfortable the mattress is and see if it will match your garden décor. The negative of going to a store is that you’re limited to what they have in stock.

On the other hand, you can go online to find yourself the perfect option. You’ll have plenty of beds to choose from and make the right decision. Compared to a store, you won’t have to leave your home, and the bed will be delivered directly to your home. The only disadvantage is that you can’t test the bed out beforehand. So before ordering, read customer reviews and find out what their experience was like.

Trendy and contemporary

Investing in a daybed is a good choice if you want to modernize your home. They are in-trend today and buyers of your home will see it as a plus. They are a visually pleasing piece of furniture and you will receive positive comments from guests.

Also, the look goes well with most interior décor designs. You can mix up the visuals by mixing the covers and pillows too. If you are looking for trendy furniture that upgrades your home, then daybeds are a good candidate.


There are a lot of reasons to add a rattan daybed to your home. It’s a flexible piece of furniture that will help you find much needed rest in the hectic modern lifestyle. You can use them indoors or outdoors and they come in a variety of styles.

Visualize how the daybed will look in your home and the functions it will serve. Do you like the way it slots within the furniture that’s already there? Then consider what daybed type is the best match for your preferences.