How to create a book nook in your child's bedroom

How to create a book nook in your child's bedroom

Book nooks provide a safe, fun space for your child to relax and take a time out to unwind with a good book. 

Pick a location. 

Loft beds allow extra room for a book nook, but if you decide on bunk beds in your child's room, find an area with the best natural lighting. Extra lighting can be provided later. 

Storage wars.

Decide on the type of storage you are going to use. Whether it is tubs, bins or shelving be sure to secure anything that could be climbed on and tipped over to prevent injury.

Pull up a chair.

Seating is important. Choose something that will allow your child to be comfortable. It doesn't have to be conventional chairs. You can use a padded bench, bean bag chairs and more. 

Light the way.

Add a lamp or string lights so that your child's eyes are not straining to see. Again, be sure that unused outlets are covered, safety guidelines are being met and lights that could be pulled or knocked over are properly secured.

Get creative. 

Be inspired by your child's unique personality and choose to add things to the design in order to make it their own. Pitch a tent, add some pictures, paint the walls, but have fun with it. 

Just add books.

Fill the space with age appropriate books and enjoy!