6 Reasons to Get a Queen Bookcase Storage Bed for You

6 Reasons to Get a Queen Bookcase Storage Bed for You

Imagine a situation where you have a ton of things and nowhere to put them. Sounds familiar? More often than not, we find ourselves in this situation where it seems like there’s no space to put anything. If you’re a fan of ornamental and multipurpose furniture, this article is for you. Or do you want to declutter and save on space, creating a minimalist look while keeping your books? If you can relate, then the queen bookcase storage bed is for you. 

Features & Types of a Queen Bookcase Storage Bed

Storage beds come in various forms. Experts create new ways to make this already genius product even better. Below are some of the outlined storage beds:

1. Hidden doors

Many beds come with storage space behind a sliding panel or a makeshift door. Hence, it creates the guise of a normal headboard, making it easier to hide your books out of the view of any eyes.  Some queen storage beds only have bookcase headboards with the sides of the bed frame like a normal bed. Meanwhile, others have bookcase headboards as well as shelves, and no drawers. There are queen size beds with only drawers at the foot of the bed or at the sides or even both. Beds with a single huge drawer and several compartments can hold many books and personal belongings. 

2. Shelves and drawers

Then, we have the storage beds that have a mix of both shelves and drawers. Some have shelves on the headboard and drawers on the frame of the bed. While others have drawers and shelves on the headboard, but only drawers on the frame. There are also beds with shelves on the sides of the bed, but drawers at the foot of the bed along with shelves and a drawer or two on the headboard.

What is the Best Storage Bed?

Now that we’ve covered the features and types of queen size storage beds, we’ll answer the age-old question that most people ask. "What is the best storage bed?" The answer depends on the type of bed you want.

This will then tell you what you should go for. Storage beds come in two forms, drawers or shelves. You could decide to go for one or the other, a combination of both.

However, here are two of the best storage beds for you:

1. Morison Contemporary Platform Queen Storage 

If you prefer minimalist styles, then this Bed (With Bookcase) is for you. With a simple style and a dark espresso colour, it consists of the following special features:

  • two drawers at the foot of the bed
  • three on the headboard 
  • bookcase, and two on either side of the frame. 

This bed offers both style and functionality in one package. It has multiple storage compartments for different types of books or personal belongings

2. Baxton Studio Queen Platform Storage Bed

If you are worried about your budget, this bed is the right choice for you. With an ash washnut hue finish, it stands out in beauty and also the functionality. It has a storage capacity of four drawers (two on either side) and three input shelves at the foot of the bed. It’s stylish, affordable and of good quality.

Reasons to Get a Platform Storage Bed 

This wooden masterpiece is a typical queen-sized bed with storage spaces and shelves. Designed as a standard bed, but with drawers and storage compartments. The following are reasons for you to treat yourself and get a queen bookcase storage bed:

1. Easy access to your books

Many avid readers prefer to have shelves and other spaces to store books. It is also common knowledge that reading in bed is a good alternative! Imagine having your books right next to you without having to get up and get them. Or being able to lift your hand and get your book at your disposal. How cool is that! 

2. Minimizing Space

Shelves take up more space and your chest of drawers can only hold so much at once. The extra drawers in the queen bookcase bed provide additional space. You can easily get more storage without cluttering your house with a dresser or getting more drawers.

3. Privacy

Storage beds provide a private space for storing sensitive items that you want to conceal. For instance, you want to keep diaries, documents, or medical reports from prying eyes. That way, one can keep things close and safe. 

4. Sophistication

It makes your room look elegant with a bed frame. Using the bed frame makes your bed stand out, thereby making your beddings appear classy. Do note that you should choose the perfect mattress when it comes to these frames.

5. Firmness

Another advantage of this bed frame is that your mattress remains firm compared to other types of bed frames. A larger person will enjoy this bed frame and sleep comfy. It is also perfect if you are a roller; you can roll all you want and still enjoy your sleep. What's more, short people will have no problems sleeping on this bed since it’s closer to the ground than most.

6. Robustness

If you want a robust bed frame, you should go for this type. Compared to other types that sag easily over time, this frame is more robust, durable, and reliable. Due to its sturdiness, it can take the weight of a heavy person. 

Cons of Platform Storage Beds

  • Carrying heavy mattresses

For certain beds, the storage compartment is under the bed, you will have to lift the bedding up to access the compartment. The problem with this type of bed is that they may be heavy and constant lifting is tiresome. A simple bed with a compartment though considerably easier than the double bed is still a dreary undertaking.

  • Moving the position of the bed is a pain

Let’s assume you have to move your bed to a different room, or you want to change its position in your room. Moving it becomes a tiresome task, it’s heavy and bulky because of the extra storage. With the extra storage, it is harder to move because of the cumbersome nature of the bed. The last thing you want to do is drag your bed on the floor, spoiling your flooring, and have to fix it again.

  • Cleaning your bed is tedious

When compared to standard beds that do not come with any extra storage, these beds are harder to clean than regular beds. You will have to clean a bigger surface, with storage compartments that need to be cleaned regularly.

  • Not a lot of people use that amount of storage

Most of the time, people claim to need storage but do not usually need the amount of space we say we do. So, a lot of times, the spaces remain empty and not in use, cupboards, and compartments just sit and collect dust.

  • Tearing down the bed is a chore

Before taking apart the bed, removing contents in the storage is a chore. With a lot of books and blankets having to come out of the storage compartments. Doing this is a strenuous task, and let’s be honest nobody likes to do all that work. 


A Queen bookcase storage bed is an awesome addition to any room, especially if you are a bookworm. There are several reasons why you should get one; from decluttering your room, saving you a ton of space, easy access to your books, etc. For these reasons, it is recommended you get one if you are considering it.