7 Reasons Why You Need A Bedroom Chest

7 Reasons Why You Need A Bedroom Chest

Whether you're looking for a piece of new bedroom furniture for your new place. Or you need some extra storage to free up some space. Moreover, regardless of your current room design, a bedroom chest can add more spice to your style.

Although the terms chest of drawers and dressers are often used interchangeably, they're different. As we'll see in the course of this article. However, the question remains; which should you get? To find out more on why a chest is the best storage furniture for your home, keep reading.

Differences between Bedroom Chests and Dressers

While they have some similarities, they're different in many ways - features, styles, and overall functionality:

  • Features

The first notable attribute of a chest of drawers is its narrow width. This is to maximize space, so users with tight spaces can also satisfy their storage needs. The second is its height. And in the same storage spirit, these pieces are built by stacking up to 5 drawers on top of one another. This way, chests can provide as much storage space as a dresser. 

While for dressers, the common notable features are broad width and smaller height. These pieces are designed to accommodate up to 6 or more drawers, deeper and bigger than those of a chest. Also, dressers have matching mirrors mounted on the back of the main piece. 

  • Functionality

A chest of drawers' primary function is storage while maximizing room space. Its narrow width and height make it a perfect option when space is the goal. While dressers perform the storage function, it also allows individuals to dress in front of it, hence the name "dressers." In a nutshell, when space is not a factor, adding both to your furniture collection isn't a bad idea. 

Why Use a Chest of Drawers

There are many reasons why you should use this piece of furniture. However, after extensive research and based on survey studies, we've come up with these seven.

1. For Better Bedroom Organization

A chest of drawers provides you with the ability to better organize your environment. With large drawers, i.e., storage spaces, you have the luxury of setting up your room to your taste. 

One way you can get the most out of each drawer is by including dividers or special boxes to section each drawer, depending on what kind of space you need. This way, you can create segregated areas for your small items, such as books, cables, underwear, and anything else. 

2. For Bedroom Storage

We keep most of our personal belongings in our bedrooms, from clothes to essential documents. Therefore, it's fair to say that the bedroom is not only a room where we rest after a long day, it's also a place for storing personals. And to that end, you need storage. With a chest of drawers, you have a piece of furniture that not only allows you to organize and save space but also to keep essentials safe long term. Here's how:

  • You can customize a drawer section for important items. For example, documents you’d want to keep safe until there’s the need to use them.  
  • You can place this piece of furniture close to your bed to serve as a nightstand. Here, you can place accessories like table lamps, books, alarm clocks, and more. In fact, in some interior design forums, members report using two chests of drawers at both sides of their bed. 

To say the least, this piece's versatility is another reason you need a chest of drawers. 

3. For a Cozier Room Feel

Your bedroom should be cozy; it should be where you feel most comfortable. If this is not the case, you need to change up your room, whether this means switching up designs or adding new furniture to your collection. 

Sometimes all you need for a cozy room is space, and a chest provides that luxury. For example, you can consider purchasing a Skylar Cherry Chest to create space and new designs. 

4. To Keep the Kids Room in Order

The word "kids" these days are usually associated with chaos and mayhem. Not literally, that is. Your child/children's room will most likely include toys, games, and all manner of kid-related items. Keeping the place in order can be really tasking even for both parents and a maid, especially if you have more than one child. However, a chest for kids' bedrooms can make this job significantly easier.

No more tripping over toys and yelling at the top of your voice. With this piece of furniture, they'd have where to put their toys when they're done with them. So get a chest for an organized home with kids. Even though the words "organized and kids" are rarely used in the same sentence.

5. To Spice Up your Room Design

Chests of drawers come in a variety of styles. So, if you're looking for an added spark to your current design, you can add this piece of furniture to your bedroom. In addition, there are different ways you can use this piece to style your room further. Here are a few:

  • Mixing and matching with your bed frame. 

Are you using a wooden frame bed with a white finish? In a mid-century modern overall design? You can add a contemporary wooden chest with the same white finish. 

  • Using two chests as nightstands. 

With this setup, you can get this piece to perform two functions for you - a bedside table and a storage system. In addition, you can mix and match pieces of the same styles but different shapes, sizes, or colors for added spice. For example, you can use a modern rectangular chest with a modern round top to flank your bed. 

Feel free to broaden your imagination. When it comes to styling your room with chests, the possibilities are endless. 

6. For its Versatility

Who doesn't like a piece you can use in different forms and for purposes. Asides from the already mentioned storage and space-saving functions, a chest of drawers can be very versatile. You can use it as a dresser. All you need to do is mount a mirror (to match or not) on its platform. You can also use it as a shoe rack. A chest provides more than enough room that you can include your shoes in its cabinet. 

Generally, its uses are endless, and you can find a new function for it in your bedroom. 

Different Ways you Can Use a Bedroom Chest

One remarkable fact about this furniture type is that it is at the mercy of your creativity. In other words, by decoupaging and rearranging, you can create awesome designs for your room. Here are a few ways you can use the chest of drawers in your home. 

1. Use Low Chests as Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are pieces of furniture we use to place and organize items we keep close to hand. If you have limited space and you'd like to use both functions, you can get low chests to flank your bed. 

There are different ways you can style things up with this setup. One of which is to "mix and match" matching chests with your bed. For example, you can get two of the same style, material, and finish to complement your differently finished bed. Another setup is mixing and matching different styles (for example, modern and contemporary). 

2. Use in a Large Closet   

You can also add a chest in a larger closet to better organize your belongings. This way, you can free up valuable space by keeping all your storage "behind the closet." If you're a minimalist, this looks best suits you. 

This setup has a lot of advantages, some of which include; 

  • Easy access to your accessories and clothes.
  • Easy to customize, depending on your storage needs (for example, you can add a separate drawer for your wristwatches), and 
  • You'll get dressed quicker (since all your belongings are in the same place). 

3. Use at the Foot of your Bed

This is another fun way to use the chest of drawers, especially in rooms with limited spaces. For example, studio apartments. Not only would this setup save space in small apartments, it would improve your room decor.

Notably, this setup should use a chest that's a little lower or at the same height as the bed. This way, you can maintain symmetry and save space all this while having a place to organize and store your belongings. 

4. Use in a Child's Room as a Toy Box

Another useful application of this furniture type is in a child's room. Children are messy and can leave toys and other play materials for others to trip on. 

That's where a chest of drawers comes in. But first, you'd want to assess the space you've got to deal with. Also, you don't want something too high for your kids. For example, pieces with the height and width of the Skylar Cherry Chest can be a good fit for your kids. 

5. Use as a TV Stand and as a Home to your TV Cables

You can place your TV on top of your chest. Or better still, if you're feeling industrious, you can hang your TV on the wall, just above the furniture. And dedicate a drawer to all the TV Cables. 

You can drill a hole in the back through to the dedicated drawer so you can hide those annoying cables there and feed them to the TV. 

6. Use as an Accent for room Decor.

Have you got a plain empty wall that's becoming an eyesore? You just can't stand another day staring at that blank wall. So what do you do when all you've got is a chest? 

For starters, you can put it on the wall. Then get creative with what you can put on top. For example, you could place a lamp, a beautiful plant, or any decorative accents. 

How to Style your Chest of Drawers

Now that you're sold on why you need a bedroom chest, let's look at a few styling ideas.

1. Use a Large Mirror or Piece of Art.

If you haven't got a mirror on another wall, you can place it just above your drawer. Otherwise, a large piece of art would also suffice. The large size of whatever you hang over your chest of drawers makes both visually connected. 

Be careful not to hang it too high. Most designers recommend a 6'' to 10'' distance. Also, ensure the width of your mirror or artwork is wide enough to anchor the piece of furniture. The rule of thumb is 2/3rd of your chest's full width. Never go wider than your chest of drawers.

2. Add a Table Lamp

Lamps are design pieces as much as they are luminance. You can style your chest by placing a beautiful lamp on it. Choose one that best suits your taste as well as complements your piece of furniture. Its size must be relative to that of what you're placing it on. A small lamp on a large chest of drawers would look weird. Getting the right proportions is paramount to creating an appealing design. 

3. Add Varying Heights

One way to create great room designs with your chest of drawers is by working with heights. Start by including items with varying heights to create a unique look. For example, you can use items like a tray that contains other small materials of varying heights. For example, body lotion, perfume, etc.

Additionally, you could include taller items. For example, a plant or a necklace hanger. This way you can create a visually attractive setup. One that allows your eye to easily accommodate what's on display. 


So there you have it, a chest of drawers is one of the most exciting pieces in the interior design chessboard. From saving space to offering storage capabilities, this piece is a must-have in any modern bedroom. Generally, using a chest of drawers takes away the need for extra furniture while also adding functionality and style to the room. 

And, If you've got the "I-need-a-dresser" itch after reading this. Take a look at this awesome bedroom chest from Bedroom Emporium.