Things To Consider Before Getting A Full Size Daybed for Your Home

Things To Consider Before Getting A Full Size Daybed for Your Home

The popularity of a full size daybed is increasing as they complement both sofa and bed needs in your home. They are available in various styles, types, and designs to fit your home needs. 

Daybeds don't only offer the perks of a sofa and bed but also provide extra storage space. So if you are worried about not enough space for a sofa and bed, getting a daybed is an ideal solution. But, before selecting, you need to keep some things in mind. Like if the full size daybed set is going to fit in your space, the color palette, and more. Below is the guide to choose the perfect daybed for your home.

What is a daybed?

The concept of daybeds was evolved by ancient Egyptians. It is a clever combination of bed and sofa that serves multiple purposes. They are basically the same shape as a sofa but with short sides and a long back. Daybeds are mostly available in twin beds (38x75 inches). You may also find them in full size (54x75 inches), king size (60x80 inches), or queen size (76x80 inches). You can also get a custom daybed according to your needs. 

What's the point of a daybed?

You might be living in a studio apartment, or you’re short on space in your living room. That’s where daybeds are the lifesavers as they serve double-duty as guest rooms and an office. You can use it for sitting in the daytime and transform it into a bed at night. 

Daybeds are also a good choice for the children's bedrooms. Also, you can place them in your dorm rooms to lounge with your friends. It is quite a comfortable place to sleep in. Also, daybeds are perfect for teenagers as they love to host sleepovers with their friends.

Are daybeds comfy? 

The daybed's surface is flat, just like a normal bed. The variation between the comfort of a bed and a daybed is minimum. The reason is that it depends more on the mattress than the daybed itself. You can use a quality mattress on your daybed and it'll be very comfortable.

How do I choose a daybed? 

Choosing the right daybed is crucial that fits your home and style. Keep the following things in mind while choosing a daybed for your home.

Daybed Purpose

Daybeds aim to provide you the comfort of a sofa without consuming more room space. They offer adults a comfortable place to lie down and offer an ideal spot for napping in the afternoon. They are like a half-bed, half-sofa combo, and way more elegant than a futon.

Material of wood/metal -  Which one is Best?

No matter if you are buying a daybed made of wood or metal, make sure that you are getting what you are paid for. Both of these materials offer durability, strength, and quality, but you still need to cross-check. Whether you go for metal or wood daybeds, they allow the manufacturers to be creative with them.

Let’s see some of the core advantages of both materials to help guide your decision. 

What are the Advantages of Metal Bed Frames

  • Minimum maintenance
  • Choice of design
  • Variety of colors and models
  • Higher durability
  • Risk-free from heat and fire
  • Child-friendly as they are easy to paint

What are the Advantages of Wood Beds

  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to Recycle
  • Glossy touch
  • Additional support

Note: Smaller sizes with standard bed frames will be less expensive if you go with metal frames. They are also less heavier than wood material.

Space-saving comfort

Daybeds are quite effective in merging the bed and sitting area. This feature makes it the best choice for apartments, guest rooms, and living rooms. So while buying a new full-size daybed, make sure that it serves the space-saving purpose. 

Match your style

There are different types of daybeds available in the market. It can be traditional style, cottage, or contemporary. Besides that, the daybed finishes are available in awesome colors like black, white, walnut, espresso, and more. This variety allows you to get the right daybed that complements your bedroom, guest room, or living room. For instance, if your home decor consists of soft colors, the full size white daybed with trundle seems like the perfect choice for your home.

Trundle daybeds

Daybeds with trundle are basically pull-out beds but keep in mind that all daybeds don't come with the trundle options. It is one of the best things to explore as you can get two beds of space in a single place. You can simply pull out the hidden bed whenever needed. Besides, it can be left low to the ground or lifted to the same level as the daybed. You can roll it up, and together they form a large bed that is enough for two people.  

Bedding details

You need to pay close attention to the bedding details of your daybed. Although regular sheets for twin-size beds will be enough, you need to pay attention to the cover. Also, focus on the extra pillows that will be best for sitting, lounging, and sleeping. 

Different types of daybed

There are multiple types of daybeds available nowadays. One of the most common ones is 3-sided that feels like a twin bed and sofa. The other common types are as follows:

1. Full purpose daybed

If you are looking for something typical and go-to type, full purpose daybeds are ideal. They sit perfectly in your teen’s room, guest or study room, or in the living room of your studio apartment. These daybeds have a long back with 2 sides and an open front. It also fits with a twin mattress, further supported by spring suspension and open space underneath. You can use it for a trundle-style bed or a storage place. 

2. Storage Daybed

If you live in a relatively small space like in a dorm or studio apartment, you may need something that provides extra storage options. These daybeds come with built-in drawers underneath where you can tuck in your books, clothes, or even shoes. These daybeds are mostly made of wood with a row of single/double drawers built-in below the mattress. 

 3. Daybeds for outdoors

If you just want to place something in your garden or patio for relaxing and chilling, you should go for outdoor daybeds. These daybeds also come in a variety of options, like with or without canopy. Besides that, their mattress is upholstered in UV, making this daybed the perfect choice for the outdoors.  You can explore to find out the daybeds that swing to add more fun to your outdoor lounging. Tug in an extra comforter and toss pillows to give it a perfect look. 

What are typical daybed styles and materials?

Likewise, sofa and beds, daybeds also come with a variety of options. You can find various daybed styles that include modern, traditional, eclectic, country, rustic, and many more. As you will explore more and more, you will come to know about the most common specific features. 

The design, material, and finishing of the daybed correlate with its decor. For example:

  • For raw iron along with sharp edges: Industrial
  • Fabric with scalloped edges: Traditional/contemporary
  • Scrolled design with polished steel: Transitional
  • Raw finishing with hewn wood: Country/Rustic

Do you need special bedding for your daybed?

For daybeds, you need to use the bedding options that are explicitly designed for daybeds. They have mostly rails to support on the backside along with sides. So, it requires bedding with proper planned overhanging fabrics and slits. You can explore many of the daybed bedding options like throw pillows, comforters, and mattress ideas online or offline. 

Bedding ideas

The best part of daybeds is that you can finish their look with a wide range of options available. It also includes printing based on the current market designs and trends. Here are the two bedding ideas that you may consider.

  • Option one includes 3 shams, a comforter, and a bed skirt. This combination makes your daybed look like a normal bed. Also, you can have a multi-layered look by choosing pillows and comforters. The most important thing that you need to consider is sheet sizes as it impacts the overall look. So, pay close attention to getting everything done right. 
  • The second bedding option is choosing the daybed covers as they are the best alternative to bedding. In this bedding style, the fabric lies directly on the top of the mattress. It drops from the mattress top to the floor. You can use covers to give your daybed a more sleek and tailored look. This style can give your daybeds a sofa-like look.

How to make your daybed more like a comfy couch?

If you are using your daybed just as a couch, then you need to put effort into making it extraordinarily comfy. Even if you are using it for sleeping purposes, you need to turn it into a comfy couch during the day. It would be best to get plump bolster pillows to put in each end for the sofa arms for that purpose. You can further line up the back with the beautiful large accent pillows. 

Where to place your daybed in your home?

You can place a daybed anywhere inside your home or patio. Here are some of the ideas:

The entrance

A cozy daybed just at the entrance of your home is a perfect idea. Imagine you have a tough day at work, or you trekked a bit too far. The daybed at the entrance allows you to rest for a bit or take off your jacket and shoes. 

Study room

You can also place a daybed in your study or home office. Daybeds are the perfect choice for reading a book, handling client’s calls and emails, or just to lay down after a long day. Just place it near the natural light and hop into it whenever you want. 

Living room

The living room is also quite a mindful pick to place your daybed. You can simply place it near the fireplace to enjoy the perfect bed days. Also, you can place it anywhere near the window where you can enjoy reading a book in warm sunlight.  

Cocktail area

You can enjoy your cocktail parties with your friend by getting a daybed that can be placed in your cocktail area. You and your guests will be able to find the natural posture while you sip your wine or cocktail. You can even double them as couches for multiple friends. 

 Benefits of having a daybed in your home

 Here are some of the benefits of having a daybed in your home:

  • They offer a double seat as a sofa.
  • Best to use in studio apartments, dorms, and other small spaces. 
  • It doesn’t require as much space as a full-sized bed. 
  • Makes an ideal study, office, or guest daybed. 
  • Available in several designs, materials, and colors. 
  • Offers the best and hidden storage option
  • Best furniture for your kid's room for lounging and sleeping. 

Best ideas for choosing a daybed

Here are some of the best tips and ideas to choose a daybed for your home:

  • Daybeds are great for chilling, relaxing, and sleeping as it comes with sofa and bed functionality. 
  • You can put it into your college dorm or studio apartment where you don’t have enough space. 
  • Keep the common size in mind while buying a daybed. If you are looking for a full-size daybed, then go for king or queen sizes. 
  • For 2 beds, choose daybeds with trundle options. You can tuck the second bed when not in use.
  • If you buy for your kids, you can choose the small daybeds options, but choose full-size daybeds for adults and teens.
  • Get throw pillows and accent pillows to make your daybed look like a comfy sofa. 
  • Never compromise on the mattress quality when buying a daybed. Opt for the firm mattress that supports sitting if you are going to use it a lot as a couch. 

Wrapping Up

Full size daybeds are the most wonderful option for those who want a piece of multi-purpose furniture. So, are you ready to choose your full size daybed? This buyer guide will help you navigate different daybed ideas. Keep the purpose of using your daybed in mind before buying. With a plethora of styles, sizes, and designs, you won't go wrong with choosing the best full size daybed.