Full Bed VS Queen Bed Size: Which is Better?

Full Bed VS Queen Bed Size: Which is Better?

After moving into your new home, while exploring pieces of furniture, you can be caught between two-bed options. This can happen when you want to change your bed size into a more expansive type. Perfect examples of these selections, which have been in a long-standing debate, are the full bed vs queen bed size. And many people are stuck with deciding “which is better?”.

Are you facing this hassle? Or are you contemplating choosing between these choices? Your worries are over; stick around and find out! This guide offers a comparative evaluation between a full bed and a queen-size bed. It reveals all you need to know about these models. So, let’s go into details! 

Overview of a Full Bed

A full bed might sound so large and extensive. Well, that is not the case. The dimension of this option is typically 54”  by 74”. It can fit small spaces like studios and moderate-sized rooms. 

It might surprise you to find out that this model is smaller than a queen-size bed. It has the same length as a twin-size bed but broader. The extra area allows you to stretch out with additional comfort. 

This bed type is suitable for young adults, teenagers, and singles. It can also accommodate a full-grown person and a kid. You can use this selection as the main bed in your room or a spare bed in guest rooms. 

Pros of a Full Bed

  •       Perfect for small rooms and limited spaces 
  •       It is a less pricey option 
  •       Suitable for teens, single adults, and single parent with a kid 
  •       Easier to move and aid room arrangement 


  •       It is too small for couples 
  •       It might be inappropriate for anyone above 6ft 

Overview of a Queen Size Bed 

Queen size bed will allow you to feel the elegance of royalty. The size of this bed type is usually 60” by 80”. It is a perfect option for couples and combination sleepers. 

With this selection, you have all you need in your master bedroom. It is more significant than a full bed in both width and length. Even with two people on it, you can cuddle, toss, and turn all night long. 

This bed model can allow you to accommodate an extra sleeper for a few nights. It is suitable for guest rooms and even teen’s rooms. There are several varieties of this bed type, including the split option. 

Pros of a Queen Size Bed

  •       An excellent choice for both single adults and couples 
  •       Ideal for master bedrooms and guest rooms 
  •       A perfect option for tall people 


  •       It is not suitable for small rooms
  •       This option is pricier than a full bed 
  •       It is sturdy and not easy to move 

Full Bed Vs Queen Bed Size: Which is Better? 

It might be difficult to conclude on which is better between these two options. But, making a healthy comparison will help your thought and decision.

The choice of the most suitable model for you is dependent on your needs. Here are factors to consider when making your selection:

1. Cost 

If you are working within a budget range for your bed pick, the cost is a significant consideration. On average, a queen size bed is pricier than a full bed. So, if you have a meager target, the latter is the better option for you. But you have nothing to worry about with a queen size bed if you have a flexible or high spending capacity.

2. Size 

Size is another essential point to keep in mind when you are getting a bed. The typical range of a full bed is 53” x 75”, which gives an area of 3,975 in2. Queen size bed has a 60” x 80” dimension and offers an area of 4,800 in2

So, a full bed is the best option if you have a small room. It is portable and will fit limited spaces like studios. You can also consider it a better choice if you use the bed alone. Your body size is also another determinant. It is ideal if you are below 6ft tall. 

A queen bed works better for big rooms like master bedrooms. It is a perfect pick if you don’t have any area limitations. You will have some extra position to roll over, and it can take two people. Couples, a single mother with a kid, and two teens can use this bed. 

3. Room Size 

The best bed dimension for you should neither be too big nor too small for your room. If you have a large apartment, you shouldn’t have a problem with a queen-size bed. So, it is the better option for the master bedroom and guest rooms. 

A full bed is more appropriate in smaller areas. It will fit your teen’s room and compact spaces like studios. So, your room size should influence your pick. 

4. Availability of Accessories  

Standard bed accessories include pillows, duvets, bed sheets, and bedside dressers. Both full bed and queen bed sizes are typical. So, finding minor fittings for both types is not a problem. Most manufacturers even add these furnishings to their products. Both options are on a leveled ground in this regard. 

5. Sleeping Partner 

A queen-size bed is the best option for those with sleeping partners. It offers enough space for you and your companion to cuddle and roll over all night. 

A full bed might not be spacious enough if you have a bedmate. Although a kid and an adult can manage, it won’t be advisable for two adults. 

6. Ease of Movement 

Full beds are more compact and portable than queen bed sizes. If you want an easily movable bed, the former is the best option. It makes it easier to clean and arrange the room. 

7. Durability 

The extent of durability is mainly dependent on the manufacturer. The quality of materials and technique for the buildup of the product are significant determinants as well. So, durability is not a function of the bed size. 

You can check out the warranty on the product to give you an insight into its durability. Other physical inspections can help too. 

Is A Full Queen the Same as A Queen? 

It is common for people to confuse or mix up the name of bed sizes. A full queen bed size is the same as a queen, but it is not the same as a full bed. You can quickly tell the difference in the measurement. A full bed has a dimension within 53” x 75” while a queen bed size has a 60” x 80” range. 


The full bed vs queen bed size comparison has been on for a long time. Most individuals find it challenging to decide which is better for them. But individual consideration of cost, size, personal needs,  and other factors will help you figure out the best option for you. 

There are several styles of queen bed size and full beds. You should take your time to explore these options and go for excellent quality. Make sure you secure your comfort while getting the standard furniture for you!