How To Choose The Best Bedroom Furniture For Your Kids

How To Choose The Best Bedroom Furniture For Your Kids

Choosing your kid’s best bedroom furniture is not as simple as choosing your bedroom’s furniture. You have unlimited choices when it comes to your bedroom, unlike your kids. It can also be a tiresome process, especially if you don’t know the exact furniture you want to buy. It can be even worse if your kids are teenagers of the opposite sex or are sharing the bedroom and want to be involved in the decision-making.

Today, we will explain all things you need to consider to ensure your kids’ bedroom is as unique and classic as you desire. So read on to avoid facing the challenge of selecting the best furniture.

Tips to help you choose the best bedroom furniture for your kids

You are required to think and act smart at the same time. The process of choosing your kid's bedroom set can be stressful and exciting sometimes since options are limited. Let's check the below essential tips:

1. Safety 

No one would want to buy furniture that would pose a safety threat to children. That’s why safety features should be the primary priority besides the rest. Kids like jumping on the bed, hiding under the table, searching for toys under the bed. Let every piece of furniture in their room be secure to play and move around. Otherwise, they use furniture against your wish.

Moreover, choose furniture with round edges so that your kid may not be hit or scratched by the corner edges. If the manufacturers in your local store don’t make such kind of furniture, make sure to use a silicone corner protector. Besides, never buy items made from harmful and toxic substances, mainly paint. Consider searching for furniture that has extra safety features. For example, if you want a bunk bed for your children, look for one that has rails.

2. Quality

Maybe you have seen a baby cradle, and now you want to buy it because it’s on offer. Have you factored in the quality of that product? How is the product’s material? No matter how low the price is, buy the best quality bedroom furniture for your kids.

In addition, look keenly at the hardware. Manufacturers are aware that many people don’t bother with hardware because it’s not visible. That means they can exploit you. Let the manufacturer give you details of the hardware they used and where it’s produced.

If you want to buy online, ask the manufacturer to take photos of furniture from different angles. By doing that, you will be in a position to make a wise decision.

3. Buy durable furniture 

Every parent can confirm that kids are boisterous. So, they need to have the best quality bedroom furniture and long-lasting ones to avoid breakage. Also, the furniture should be strong enough for it to be used for years.

4. Storage space

You will never find a kid’s bedroom without toys. These toys can lead to an accident if they are always scattered on the floor. The only option is to get furniture with enough storage space. The area also should accommodate books, pencils, color boxes, clothes, and much more. For example, you can buy a wardrobe with multiple drawers or beds underneath drawers and shelves on the sides.

5. Perfect age furniture  

It is every parent’s wish to buy durable furniture for their kids. However, it would be best to take home a piece that your kid has no challenge using it. You need to get a piece that your child can use now without any problem. Look for furniture that maintains a kid's posture to avoid health issues. 

For instance, instead of buying a high study table for your kid, look for the correct size desk with drawers. This desk can also serve as storage space when you buy a learning table for your older kid. Just to mention, the drawers should have soft-close runners to prevent your child from pinching his hands.  

6. Consider your child's opinion

Kids love fantasy, fun, and color. Let your kids be part of the decision-making process if their age allows. Let them choose the color and style they prefer since it’s their room where they will spend most of their time playing, learning, and relaxing.

If you and your child experience difficulties in choosing the right furniture, use the manufacturer’s magazine or search online. A good guide makes the process of selecting excellent bedroom furniture simple.

7. Consider multifunctional

Today, manufacturers are making multifunctional furniture. This furniture is designed to meet your various needs at once. For instance, you can buy a bed that can be used as a desk. Also, you can find a bed that has drawers, shelves, and much more. 

8. Mix colors 

Look for a bedroom set that has many colors. Your kid will be happy to see different shades in their room. You can choose to have a blue wardrobe, a desk with purple flowers or a green mirror. 

9. Consider kids of the opposite sex

Getting the best bedroom set for a boy and girl sharing the same bedroom can be tricky. These kids differ in terms of behavior and preferences. 

Zoning the space is the way out. An easy way of zoning is by using wallpaper.

They can share the study and play areas. At the same time, you can separate the dressing and sleeping area with curtains or plywood.

10. Determine your budget

Before you start searching for the best quality bedroom furniture, plan how much you are willing to spend. There are various types of kid’s bedrooms set in different ranges, and you should choose the best depending on your budget.

Many manufacturers have websites. Therefore, you can log in at the comfort of your home and search for the furniture you want. Besides comparing the prices, make sure you consider the quality as well.

11. Hire the professionals

Your bedroom furniture ideas are limitless. You can get any piece of furniture you wish, unlike for your little ones. If you are not sure about how you would want your kid’s bedroom furniture to look like. A professional can help you get rid of the guesswork. Moreover, a professional can differentiate between inferior wood and best wood bedroom furniture. 

Getting assistance from a professional is great because he will advise you about the best quality bedroom furniture brand. Therefore, your kids will get the best furniture they have been dreaming of.

12. Bunk beds

If your house is small and you have more than two kids, bunk beds are the perfect option. Ensure the bed you choose is not too high and has rails to protect your kid from falling. The bunk beds should also have a ladder to climb to the top bed. 

13. Be ready for a mess

Every child loves to practice his creativity by using paint, chalk, and pencils. It can be tiresome, especially if you have to clean the floor and furniture every time it becomes messy. 

To save yourself from headaches, get a chalkboard or large flat surface like a table. Whenever they need a new space to do their creativity, you just wipe the surface.

14. Have a plan

It can be exciting to step into a furniture store to buy a bed for your little angel. However, you should first plan what type of furniture you want to purchase and how you will use it. Besides, it would be best to think about how long your kid will use the furniture. Also, plan to buy the best quality bedroom furniture so that you can pass it to other kids.  

15. Choose timeless pieces

Furniture is a long-term investment, and that is why you should choose a product that your kid will use for years. This doesn’t mean you buy a king-size bed for your kid or a big study table. The aim is to get a kid’s set that can be refurbished as your kid outgrows

16. Teenager’s room

Teenagers are demanding, and as a parent, you should buy furniture that makes your child happy. You may not like the design and style your child wants in his bedroom, but it’s important you let your child choose his preferences because it makes him feel valuable.

17. Test

It’s is your responsibility to test what you intend to buy. For the mattress, you can sit on it to at least confirm the density. For the drawer, open and close them to make sure they don’t shake or drag.

What is the best quality bedroom furniture?

The wish of every person is to get quality furniture in the market. Unfortunately, the furniture industry is naming their poor quality furniture the same as good quality furniture. To save you from the hands of scammers, here is a list of features you can use in the future.

  • Quality wood furniture is made from hardwood or plywood, and it must have eight layers.
  • A quality bed, dresser, or chest will have few or no knots. Knots result in cracks.
  • Quality furniture has screwed or dowelled joints.
  • Quality woods are scratch-resistant. You can test this by drawing a line on a hidden area with your nail finger. If you see a visible dent, that confirms to you, it is inferior quality wood.
  • The chest or desk should be made of a thin sheet of wood; these sheets are known as dust panels.
  • Quality drawers open and close on metal glide rails without any challenge.
  • Finding out the density of the foam will help you to know the best quality. Furniture made of upholstering should have a density of not less than 1.8 pounds. 

What is the best color for bedroom furniture?

According to psychologists, specific colors are associated with increased blood pressure, metabolism, eye problem, and emotions. The red color increases heart rate, blood pressure, and appetite. While black increases anger and aggression.  

Also, color has cultural associations. For instance, in Japan and China, the color white indicates mourning, while in the United States, it’s associated with cleanliness. 

The color of the furniture you choose should transform the appearance of a bedroom. Having said that, below are colors you can use for your bedroom set

  • Light green
  • Soft black
  • Camel
  • Cobalt blue
  • Cream
  • Royal purple
  • Bright white
  • Steel blue
  • Rose pink
  • Light lilac
  • Gold
  • Light grey
  • Light yellow
  • Sea blue

Before you settle on any of the colors, it’s advisable you get a sample from your local store. Use the sample to test on a small area. Testing will help you to have a picture of how your furniture will look like. 

How much should you spend on bedroom furniture?

If you are upgrading your bedroom furniture or starting from scratch. You must be wondering how much you can spend. The cost will vary depending on the type of bedroom and how much you value it. You will spend more in a master bedroom and less in a guest room, which is rarely used. 

The cost of bedroom furniture ranges from $3,000 to around $10,000. When you spend more, it means the furniture will last, extra attention to details, artistry, and craftsmanship.

You should invest your money more in:

  • High-quality storage piece: whether dresser or armoire, will have details such as matched wood, craftsmanship, and much more.
  • Good quality mattress: it can be an organic or engineered mattress, but don’t carry it home without first trying it in the showroom
  • Design elements: such as studying chair

Lastly, you can still redesign your bedroom with a limited budget- doing more with less. All you need to do is login into a particular site and search for the furniture you want. You will get not only unique furniture but also at an affordable price. 


Choosing your kids’ best bedroom set can be a tedious process, but going through the above tips will save you lots of time and money. Simply because you have a clear picture of what you intend to purchase for your kid. Remember that your budget determines how much you would want to spend. Also, it’s essential to consider the quality and durability of the furniture before you buy it. We hope this article will help you choose the best bedroom furniture for your kids.