Comparison Of White Chest of Drawers And Dresser

Comparison Of White Chest of Drawers And Dresser

Accumulation of fashion apparel can be a problem at some point, especially when you have too many of them. This results in the need for a piece of expansive furniture to store these valuables. A white chest of drawers or a regular dresser might be your available choices. With these furnishings being worthy selections, you need to pick the best option to match your room. Do you want clarity on which is better?

Knowing how to differentiate between a white cabinet with retractable slides and clothes chests shouldn't be an issue. This guide provides a detailed contrast between these fittings. So, relax and stay active to gain all you need!

What Is A Dresser? 

A dresser is otherwise called a dressing table. The structure of this furniture appears like a small table with multiple drawers. It usually has a mirror attached to it. 

The buildup of this furnishing is typically broad and short. Its height is always somewhere around the waistline. The reason for this construction is to offer a space for it to accommodate a glass. It also provides a tabletop to position your adornment materials. 

Types of Dressers

The three primary chiffonier options are: 

  •       Double dresser 
  •       Horizontal dresser 
  •       Combo dresser 

1. Double Dresser 

The double dresser is one of the most familiar home furniture. It is wider than the other types and has a higher number of drawers. The storage components are in double rows, with each one wide and spacious. 

This furnishing is an excellent idea for couples with ample space. But it can be overwhelming in smaller areas. It has enough extent to accommodate a mirror and dressing materials. 

Note that it is best to have sufficient free zones before trying out this fitting. 

2. Horizontal Dresser 

The horizontal dresser comes in a standard size. It is the prime option for individuals with limited or minimal spaces. The drawers in this fitting type are long and wide, but they are only two or three. 

The multiple slides of this furniture type are in a single row. But you will enjoy plenty of space at the top. Some of these furnishing types have mirrors attached to them. 

3. Combo Dresser 

You can get a clue of how this fitting looks from its name. It has the height and width of a standard dresser but with two or three drawer rows. Each slide has different shapes and sizes. 

Some combo dressers even come with shelves and wardrobe doors. The entryways cover the shelves while the sideboards use the regular close. The racks offer spaces where you can hang clothes. 

What is a Chest of Drawers? 

These home fittings are usually narrow and tall. A white chest of drawers is also standard in most houses. They have multiple slides arranged in rows and columns to provide maximum storage area. 

The height and sideboards are to conserve space while offering abundant reservation capacity. But its length does not permit the exploration of the chest top. You can neither attach a mirror nor place a material you use frequently. 

Types of Chest of Drawers 

There are five common types of drawer chests. They include: 

  •       Lingerie chest 
  •       Vertical chest 
  •       Gentleman's chest 
  •       Bachelor's chest 
  •       Media chest 

Each type is unique in appearance. Let's take a quick run through these options:

1. Lingerie Chest 

This fitting is tall and skinny. It is suitable for small cloth sets like lingerie. It usually has multiple drawers on a single row, but they have small sizes. 

The extent of each sideboard in this chest can only fit short apparel like socks and undergarments. These dress types and other materials like watches and chains can get disorganized quickly. So, a lingerie chest helps you to keep them organized. It is also important to remark that this cabinet type enables you to conserve space. 

2. Vertical Chest 

The vertical chest is a shorter and fatter version of the lingerie chest. Although the upright box is still tall and narrow than other types, it is wider than the option above. It is suitable for arranging clothes and similar materials. 

This fitting will take less space than dressers while offering similar storage capacity. 

3. Gentleman's Chest

The gentleman's chest does not only include drawers. They also have cabinets suitable for hanging clothes like suits and jackets.

There are stereotypically two forms of this furnishing type. One option usually has rods where you can hang dresses like jackets and suits. The other form has built-in shelves in place of the hanging rods. You can refer to this chest type as the "combo dresser" of chests. 

It includes wardrobe doors and the different types of sideboards. These slides also come in varying sizes and use other gateway types. 

4. Bachelor's Chest 

Bachelor's chest is small, narrow, and tall. It is suitable for tiny spaces and might only contain one person's belongings. It can be as diminutive as nightstands. 

It has only three to four medium-sized drawers, which limits its storage space. Nevertheless, this chest can still help you to store various clothing materials.

5. Media Chest 

If you are not very careful, you might mistake a media chest for a dresser. It is not as tall as other chest types, and it is more expansive. The design of this furniture makes it suitable for both living rooms and bedrooms. 

The height of this fitting is typically comfortable for viewing TV and other media sets. It includes both drawers and cabinets. 

Comparing White Chest Drawers and Dressers; Which is Better? 

Many people face the dilemma of selecting the most suitable fitting to match their room.  But making a healthy comparison of two pieces of furniture can ease the hassle of your decision-making.

Let’s make a quick evaluation of both chest drawers and dressers under various factors.

1. Functionality

Dressers and chest of drawers serve similar purposes; storage and décor. But a noteworthy variance between the two is their functionality.

Dressers are broad and short. This feature allows them to provide space at the top mirror attachment. You can sit in front of this furnishing while dressing up to access the mirror and other items.

The chests of drawers, on the other hand, are tall and narrow. This structure makes them unsuitable for mirror attachment.

2. Storage Capacity

A chest of drawers is more extensive than dressers. The former is a better option if you want a large storage area. It has enough space to accommodate materials as big as coats and jackets.

Dressers offer limited reservations for loading materials. But they are usually more fashionable. It will be the best option if you want something compact and decorative instead of an ample depository area.  

3. Cost

Most dressers and chests of drawers have similar prices. The cost of getting either furniture falls within the same range. So, the financial value might not be a significant determinant of your choice.

4. Room Size

Dressers are usually smaller than a chest of drawers. Dressers will be more appropriate if you have limited space or in smaller rooms.

A chest of drawers is usually large and would need enormous space. You won’t have a problem if your room is big enough to accommodate it. But it is not an ideal option for small apartments with a small free area.

5. Ease of Movement

Dressers are generally easier to move around because of their compact size. You can go for it if you intend to change its position often. But if you want something to sit in your room for a long time, a chest of drawers is more ideal. 

Should I Get A Chest or Dresser? 

Both chests and dressers are valuable additions to your bedroom. Are you confused about which one to get? Take a deep breath and understand your needs. 

You can go for a drawer chest if all you need is a storage space while conserving the room area. It is also a less pricey option compared to dressers. 

Consider opting for a dresser if you need a more flexible furnishing. The sideboards in dressers provide accommodation sites. Also, the mirror and areas on top help it to function as a dressing table. But a dresser is more costly than drawer chests. 


Differentiating between two identical room furniture pieces can be challenging, especially when they perform similar functions. The major distinction between dressers and chest drawers is their dimensions. This and other significant features make the identification of these furnishings easier. And with this guide, you can never go wrong in your selection. 

Are you confused about which one to get? All you need is to evaluate the options above and consider your available space. Guarantee that you get the right quality white chest of drawers from a reliable source. Make sure you understand your wants, explore the market, and pick the best for you!