Your Guide To Choosing The Perfect Bunk Bed For You

Your Guide To Choosing The Perfect Bunk Bed For You

A bunk bed is a great choice for kids of all ages, and many are suitable for older sleepers too. But there are a lot of different twin bed types out there. Choosing between them can feel like quite a challenge, especially when you first start out. This guide will cover all you need to know about bunk beds. 

We'll cover reasons for getting one, as well as the different types. We'll also go over some tips for finding the perfect model for you. Read on to learn the vital information on this bed that can help you avoid any mistakes when shopping for these items.

What is a Bunk Bed?

We'll begin with a simple definition. What is the meaning of bunk beds? Well, this is a type of bed that usually features more than one bed frame stacked above another. This basically gives you two separate beds together, only taking up the floor space of one. 

We often see this type of bed in places like dormitories or hostels. They're mostly used by children, but can be used by adults too, as long as the frame is strong enough. So if you wondered "Can adults use bunk beds?" then the answer is yes, but you have to check the weight restrictions first.

Why Should You Get Bunks?

There are many different reasons to invest in one of these items for your home:

Pleasing the kids 

One of the main reasons why a lot of families invest in this type of bed is to make their kids happy. A lot of young children love the idea of having a bunk bed. They find it exciting to have two different beds to sleep on and share with their friends or siblings.

Saving space

Another massive advantage of these beds is how much space they can save. They allow you to have two beds in a room while only taking up the floor space of one. This is perfect for families with several children and limited room.

Saving money 

Bunk beds can also help you save money too. For example, if a couple is preparing to have a second child, they might consider buying a new home. They might feel they don't have enough space in the current property for two kids. But these types of beds let you save space and stay at your current home.

Extra storage

Many models feature built-in storage. A lot of them have drawers or sections underneath, for example. This can be a big benefit for storing things like toys, bedding linens, and so on.


This type of bed is highly versatile. Some varieties feature fold-out desks, for instance. There are bunk trundle bed models too, with trundle mattresses for a third sleeper. You can pick and choose the perfect type to suit your exact needs.

Good for All Ages

Many people associate this type of product with children. But you can actually use them for people of many different ages. College students can get a lot of use out of this type of bed, for example. So if you choose the right model, it can grow with your kids as they get older.

Fun for Youngsters

Younger children, in particular, find bunks to be a lot of fun. They can get really creative with them. They might play games where they treat the bed like a pirate ship, for example, or transform the top bunk into a secret fort. They can make lots of happy memories here and bond with friends and siblings.

The Different Types of Bunk Beds

There is a range of different varieties of bunk beds to take into consideration. It's wise to familiarize yourself with the various types and their unique aspects.

  • Standard

This is the classic variety that many people picture in their minds when they think of this sort of bed. It features one bed positioned directly above the other in the traditional formation.

  • Trundle

A trundle bed is just like a standard one, but it comes with a trundle mattress. This is a mattress that rolls out or can be dragged out from underneath the lower bunk. So this type of unit can sleep three people instead of the standard two.

  • Triple Full Bunk Bed

Most bunks only sleep two and have two distinct levels. However, it is possible to get a triple model. This has three levels, with three separate mattresses positioned above each other. This can be a great space saver for families with a lot of kids around the same age.

  • Quadruple 

This type may also be called a "double over double". It involves a double mattress positioned over a separate double mattress. This gives you two double beds in the space of one. Four people can sleep in this type of bed. It's a good option for adults, but the frame needs to be very strong to support so much weight.

  • Low

As the name implies, this type of bed is designed to be quite short and low to the ground. This means that there's less space in between the two mattresses. The top bunk isn't too high up. This type is well-suited to very young children and is regarded as one of the safest options.

  • Storage 

This type of bed has some sort of storage system built in. Usually, you may find drawers beneath the lower mattress or storage sections on the sides. This can be very useful for people who have a lot of items that need storing away like toys and books.

  • L-Shaped

This type of bed forms an L-shape. The lower mattress is positioned at a right angle to the top one. This provides extra room for storage drawers and shelves on the sides of the lower level. It can also make it easier for the lower bunk user to get in and out.

  • Folding

With this sort of bed, the lower mattress can usually be folded up against the wall. So, during the day, it's possible to get even more floor space. The lower area might even be able to transform into a desk, or it might fold up to reveal a seating area.

  • Play Area Underneath 

This is a popular type of bed for younger children. It features the top bunk in the usual way, but the area below is used for play and activities. Some models even feature little forts or treehouse-style structures in the lower area, with doors and windows.

  • Loft Bed

This is a little different from the others, as it only features one bed. It's basically like having the top part of bunk beds, but without the second mattress underneath. This gives you the extra floor space, which can be used for things like desks and sofas. It's a good choice for older kids and small rooms.

Factors to Think About When Looking for Bunk Beds

It's clear to see that there are many varieties of beds. There are also lots of sizes, materials, and styles to take into account. Read on to find some key factors to take into consideration when choosing the best bunk beds for you.


The first factor to think about is the type. From a double bunk bed with a desk to a classic low bed for young children, there are lots of options. It's vital to consider the pros and cons of each option and work out which one you need. This can help to narrow down your search and allow you to identify the best beds.

  • A good tip is to think about how and where the bed will be used. Are you buying it for a young child, for example? If so, you will most likely want something low, small, and safe. If you're buying for someone older or want it to be used as a guest bed, you'll need something with more strength. If your home lacks storage, a model with drawers and shelves could be beneficial.
  • You have to ask yourself questions about the sort of unit you need. This can make it easier to pick the most adequate model. It's worth thinking about the future too. Many parents buy a low model for their young kids, but then have to replace it a few years later when the kids grow up.


Another big factor to think about is the size of the unit you need to get. These types of beds can vary in size quite a lot. Many of them only make use of single mattresses. But some have double mattresses on the bottom level or even on both levels. There are also big differences in height and variations in the amount of space between each level.

  • It's wise to measure out the space where you plan to install the bed before you choose it. This can help you figure out exactly what sort of space you have to fill. 
  • Don't forget to measure the ceiling height, as well as the amount of floor space. Some people make the mistake of buying beds that are too tall. This can give the person on the top bunk a lack of space and lead to safety issues.
  • Also, remember that some bunks will take up more space than a usual single bed, even if they only have single mattresses. This is because of parts like the frame, pull-out draw trundles, and so on. You need to make sure you have the floor space to provide for the entire structure and all of its different parts.


Design is another key factor of consideration to think about when you are shopping for this sort of bedroom accessory for your kids or grown-up guests. You can find them in a huge variety of different styles. There are many different materials that can be used, for example, from different types of wood to powder-coated metals. There are also many models that have combinations of wood and metal in their structure.

You can find them in darker colors, lighter tones, and unique blends. There are contemporary ones with shiny chrome finishes, as well as more rustic models with beautiful wood grain patterns. Then, there are kid-friendly units with fun, colorful designs and prints on the sides too. Be sure to consider a range of options and find a design that matches your (or your children's) needs and preferences.


Safety is one of the biggest issues to think about when it comes to buying twin bunk beds. Many parents hesitate about this purchase. A lot of people have safety-related questions like "Can a twin bunk bed collapse?" and "What are the odds of a bunk bed breaking?" Others, meanwhile, worry about their children falling from the top bunk or struggling to climb the ladder.

  • Firstly, it's important to note that these beds are not recommended for kids under 6 years of age. So if you wonder "Can a 4-year-old sleep in a bunk bed?", it's best to wait until your little ones are 6 or older before getting this type of bed. Even then, you need to choose carefully. Some models are a lot safer than others, with better designs and smarter features, like guardrails.
  • Well-made beds won't collapse or break on their own, but they do still have weight limits. This is another safety factor to think about. When shopping, ask "What is the weight limit on a top bunk bed?" and find out the exact limits of each model. This can help you find one that is suitable for the sleepers in your home.

Extra Features 

As well as size, design, and safety, it's worth thinking about any extra features offered by each bed. As explained earlier, there are lots of possible extra features you can find with bunks. Some of them have foldaway mattresses or storage drawers. Others come with built-in desks, shelving, play areas, or futons.

Certain extras and additions might be of use to you, while others might not be needed. It's important to think about your precise needs in order to determine the value and importance of these features. There's no need to buy a twin bed with lots of extra storage if you already have plenty, for example. But you might be interested in a model that can fold away if you're getting it for a high-schooler who could use the space for study.

Top Tips for Buying and Installation

Next, let's look at some useful tips to keep in mind when getting and setting these units in your home:

  • Ask the Kids

The first tip is to make sure you actually consult with the people who are going to be using the bed. In most cases, parents buy this type of bed for their kids. It's up to you to decide things like price and work out the size. But you should still get your little ones involved in the selection process. Ask their opinions and see what sorts of styles they like so they'll be really happy with the bed they get.

  • Teach Young Children About Safety

As well as asking the kids for their opinion, it's important to let them know about how to use their bed safely. There have been times in the past where children have fallen or gotten hurt on bunks due to improper use or accidents. Kids need to know how to treat the bed with care, paying attention to the stairs and ladders, and not leaning over the rails. Good safety rules can help little ones enjoy their new beds without any worries for the moms and dads.

  • Check the Weight Limit 

Weight limits and capacities can vary from model to model. Some of them can support weights of up to 150 pounds, for example. Others can support 350+ pounds without any worries. This is a really important part of safety when acquiring bunk beds, so it's important to check.

  • DIY 

When it comes to construction, these products can come partially assembled or in pieces. If you're planning to put it together yourself, it's wise to find one that is already mostly put together. This makes the whole process a lot easier, saving you plenty of time and effort. Beds that come in lots of pieces can take hours to put together and there's a higher risk of making mistakes during construction.

  • Consider Professional Help

If you're unsure about putting your bunk beds together or have any doubts, call a professional. A lot of companies and stores may offer this kind of service where a worker will put the bed together for you. This can be a good move because most units need to be assembled with care. If any mistakes are made or parts are fitted correctly, the bed might be less safe and could cause an accident.

  • Good Quality Is Key

When you're buying a regular bed frame, you might be able to buy a cheap model without any major worries. But this isn't the case with these types of beds. If you buy a low-budget, low-quality frame, it could fall apart or have serious safety issues. It's imperative to invest in good quality products from trusted manufacturers. Look at reviews and consider the type of materials used to find the best buys. 

  • Stairs vs Ladders 

It's traditional for these sorts of products to feature ladders that allow the users to climb up to the top level. Some models, however, feature stairs instead. Stairs can increase the size of the overall unit, so you'll need more space, but they can make it a lot safer. It's much easier for younger kids, especially to walk up and down the stairs.

  • Consider Separating Beds 

There are some models of bunk beds that actually offer the ability to separate. This means that, at a later date, the top bunk can be separated from the lower one. This gives you two single beds. It can be useful for when kids get older and want their own rooms and spaces.

  • Find One that Fits Your Theme 

These products are big structures, and they can really dominate a room. So you need to make sure that they look nice and work well with the existing theme. Otherwise, you need to be ready to do a lot of redecorating or deal with bunk beds that don't match with the walls and floors.

  • Height Matters 

A lot of people focus on floor space when working out the right size of bunks to fit their rooms. But you need to think about height too. Look at the height between the top level and the ceiling, as well as the space between the two levels. It's important to find the right size to suit the room and the users of the bed.

  • Customize It 

Beds can mean a lot to little children. They can be secret forts, princess castles, or fun treehouses. Your child's imagination can help them turn the bed into something special, but you can also help out. These beds can be customized in many fun ways. You can paint the ladder or frame, for example, or set up pop-up tents on top to act as secret hide-outs.

  • Choose the Right Mattress 

As well as getting a good quality frame, you need to make sure that the bunk beds have decent mattresses. This is just as important as the overall structure. Make sure that the mattresses you get are the right size and thickness. Try to find something comfortable and cozy too, with good strength and support for both levels.

  • Take Your Time 

As stated throughout this guide, there are lots of options out there in the bed market. There's no need to rush right in and buy the first one you find. Do some research, learn as much as you can, and compare your options. It might take some time to find the perfect one, but it will be worth it in the end.


A bunk bed can be a great choice for many homes and situations. But with so many types, sizes, and styles, the choice can feel overwhelming. Hopefully, this guide has given you the help and information you need to make the right choice.