Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Bedroom Furniture Sets 

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Bedroom Furniture Sets 

Whether you are starting a new home or upgrading your current home, buying new bedroom furniture sets can be exciting and scary at the same time. Anticipating spending a lot of thinking about the prices can hold you back from taking the step to revamp your bedroom. Also, differentiating between good and good quality furniture can be a big obstacle.

This article will highlight everything you need to know before going to your local online store to buy your bedroom furniture sets. So, let’s go into the details!

Things you Need to Know Before Getting Bedroom Furniture Sets

Your bedroom is the most crucial room in your house because it’s the only place set aside for you to relax. Therefore, you need to have a good idea about the furniture you may want to have. Here are the top things to consider before revamping your bedroom furniture.

1. Size of the bedroom 

You need to know the exact measurement of your bedroom before getting anything.  Let your bedroom size guide you to know how many pieces of furniture can fit in. Also, you will be in a better position to know the type of bedroom furniture to purchase.

 A small bedroom with many pieces will look over-stuff. Therefore, a basic set would be perfect for this type of bedroom. If you have a big bedroom, go for an expanded set that has many pieces. 

2. The user of the Bedroom Set

If you are purchasing a kid’s bedroom furniture sets, your kids' bedroom needs a play and study space. Instead of bringing a wardrobe in their room, you may consider beds that have drawers underneath and aside.

Before you acquire teenage bedroom furniture sets, it’s important to involve your son or daughter. Their opinion counts and they feel valued whenever they give a suggestion.

3. Types of bedroom sets

There are five major types of bedroom furniture sets, and each set has different pieces included. Here is the list you can choose from:

  • Two pieces- it has a bed and a nightstand. It is the most basic bedroom set and is excellent for a guest bedroom.
  • Three pieces- it has a bed, a nightstand, and a dresser. This set is more expensive than the two-piece set, and it takes more space.
  • Four-piece- it has all pieces in a three-piece set plus a mirror.
  • Five-piece- if you need more storage, this is the set to buy. It has a bed, dresser, a nightstand, chest, and a mirror. 
  • Six-piece- this is the most inclusive set. The pieces included are not standard. Some sets have two nightstands, a dresser, a mirror, a bed, and a chest. At the same time, other sets have benches, armoires, trunks, etc. The set is excellent for a master bedroom. 

4. Furniture materials

Bedroom furniture can be made from different types of materials. It’s important to know the type of material used because it will determine the quality and price. The furniture can be made from solid wood, particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, metal, marble, leather, faux, and by-cat leather.

From this list, solid wood is considered the best quality and the most expensive.

5. Quality of the furniture

The set you intend to acquire should serve you for the long term. When purchasing furniture, consider those made of wood. You need to check and be sure the furniture meets all your requirements. If you ignore the quality of your furniture, you will replace it after a few years.  

The best way to check the quality of the furniture is by looking at the joints. They should either be screwed or doweled. If joints are stapled, nailed, or glued, try as much to avoid buying that furniture. Quality furniture is scratch-resistant. Use your fingernail to test this.

6. Color

Bedroom furniture sets vary in terms of color palettes and design. You can either choose to have one color for your set or mix and match.  However, one tone of furniture makes your bedroom look flat. While mixing and matching furniture, the bedroom seems eclectic. When you decide to mix colors you become more creative in decorating your room and in arranging furniture. 

On top of the above, when you want to select the tint of your furniture, consider the size of the room and lighting. A small bedroom requires light tones. It makes the room look spacious.  While a large bedroom needs dark color, it narrows the space.

7. Type of Bed to Buy

The market has plenty of choices in terms of beds. Your needs determine the type of bed to purchase. These include:

  • Daybeds- The bed can be used as a bench or sofa. It comes in different shapes and sizes, and it’s excellent for the guest room and a home office.
  • Futon beds- Like a daybed, a futon can serve as a couch and bed. If you have a small room, this is the bed you need to have. You can also fold it, so it’s easier to store the bed anywhere in your house.
  • Bunk beds- If you want a bed for children who are five years and above, you can choose bunk beds. They are the best option if you want to save space or have an extra bed in the house. Before you get one, consider your children’s opinion, they might have an idea of the style they may want. Also, look for a bunk bed with all the safety features like rails to prevent your kid from falling.
  • Storage bed- it’s a regular bed but has drawers underneath. It’s necessary when your room is limited.
  • Adjustable beds- These are the types of beds that you adjust in different positions. The bed offers the support and comfort you need. You can raise the head as well as the feet at a preferred height.
  • Divan beds- The beds are a great solution if your space is limited. They have in-built drawers for storage, but you can still get a model without drawers. They have soft headboards that make sitting on the bed comfortable.
  • Waterbeds- The bed has a water-filled mattress. It offers health benefits like it’s free of allergens (kept clean of dust mites, dust, and bed bugs). Waterbeds support those who have arthritis, low back pain, and neck pain.

8. Matched Set

Matching a bedroom set is considered tradition, but some people still love it. The best part of it is you buy your furniture from one store, and there are chances of getting a discount. However, that matchy-matchy look can be dull. It would be much better if you choose different types of pieces. 

9. Consider Storage Required 

If your storage is not enough, your bedroom will never look neat and tidy. If your bedroom is small, get a bed with built-in drawers. You can also invest in chests and dressers because they have many drawers and shelves. By doing this, you will have enough space to keep your belongings and in an organized manner. If your bedroom is large and you need more storage space, you can consider buying a king bedroom furniture set.

10. Consider your Budget

Buying furniture is a huge investment. You need first to visit your local store or do an online search to know what you can afford. If you want to obtain furniture and your pocket can’t allow it, you may consider the following options.

  • Buy one piece of furniture at a time until you get the modern bedroom furniture set you have been longing for. Start by getting a bed because it’s the most important piece in your bedroom.
  • Choose second-hand furniture.

11. Your needs

Do you want to replace your old bedroom furniture, or do you want to start from scratch? Depending on your needs, you must have a plan from the beginning. 

For example, If you are sharing a bed with your partner, you both need two nightstands. Also, if your partner is tall, get a bed without a footboard to avoid cramping the toes when they are sleeping.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Bedroom Sets?

1. Manufacturer’s store

Gone are the days when manufacturers could only allow retailers to buy from them.  Below are the  benefits you can get from buying from a manufacturer:

  • Buying your furniture from the manufacturer cuts the middle man's cost. This makes you enjoy the savings.
  • When you purchase your set from the manufacturer, you get a comprehensive warranty.  Also, you are in a better position to discuss with the manufacturer about things which you may want to be included in the warranty.
  • Manufacturers can help you customize your furniture to meet your specific needs and taste. This can take a short time since they have all the resources indoors.
  • When dealing directly with the manufacturer, you get immediate responses. For instance, if you want to make changes to your order you will not be referred from one person to another before getting a response.
  • A manufacturer has a variety of items to choose from.

2. Online store

With the digital era and modern technology, you can get excellent furniture in the comfort of your home.  Let's see why online shopping is an excellent idea.

  • You save the transport cost which you incur when visiting the furniture store to search for your furniture.  Also, there is no tax cost that is normally included in the retail price since the furniture is directly delivered from the manufacturer.
  • It’s easy to compare the prices of different manufacturers. You only need to use your laptop or phone to compare the prices.
  • There is a higher chance of getting discounts. When you are shopping online you are mostly dealing with a company that doesn’t own a physical store.  Therefore, they don’t have rental costs and this lowers their expenses. So you are likely to enjoy their big discounts.
  • You have more unique options to choose from. Regardless of what piece of furniture you are looking for, you can be certain that you will find something that matches your taste and what you can afford.
  • If the item can’t fit in the bedroom or you don’t like how it looks, you don’t have to worry because online stores have a return policy.
  • You shop without a hurry because there is no one pressuring you into a sale.

3. Showroom

Here are reasons why you should shop for your furniture in the showroom:

  • Buying furniture from the showroom gives you a chance to test the furniture. You can sit on the bed to confirm how comfortable it is,  or open and close drawers to see if they are working properly.
  • In showrooms, there are types of furniture of different colors and designs. You will have the chance to select the color or design that suits you.
  • You can pick up furniture arrangement ideas from showrooms.  Showrooms arrange their furniture just like a normal bedroom setup.  This will give ideas on how to arrange your bedroom. You also enjoy professional advice where you are advised on the best color and design to choose. 
  •  You can take your furniture home with you immediately after you pay for it. You don't have to wait for free delivery, which might take time.

What is the Best Quality Bedroom Furniture?

Whenever you decide to buy furniture, always consider the quality of the furniture you are about to take to your home.  Acquiring the best quality bedroom furniture set will save you from unplanned expenses for replacing after a short time.

In order to differentiate between good and poor quality furniture, here is a checklist to help you choose high-quality furniture. 

  • All quality furniture wood must be constructed from solid hardwood or plywood.
  • Quality wood furniture has few knots or no knots at all. When you see a knot on wood, it means that it will crack over time.
  • If you see a piece of furniture constructed from thin plywood, pressboard, and particle, that means the furniture will not last for long.     
  • The joints of quality furniture are screwed or dowelled.
  • Nailed, stapled, or glued joints are an indication of poor quality.
  • Quality furniture is scratch resistance. This is a test you can do with your fingernail by drawing a line on a hidden surface. If you see a dent, be sure that it is inferior quality wood.
  • Chest or desk are made of good quality if they have a thin sheet of wood.
  • Nowadays, poor quality furniture has similar names to good quality furniture. Therefore, you must be keen on names. Since this could be a trick, you can ask the retailer to provide more information about the furniture. 

What is a Good Price for a Bedroom Set?

Here are well-priced bedroom sets. They are from a reputable retailer, and they are grouped according to the number of pieces. 

1. Two-piece bedroom set

The sets below are under $1000 for two pieces of furniture.

  • Aspen collection queen bed and nightstand set- cost $536 

It’s the best option for a person who has a relaxed traditional style. The price is affordable to anyone, even if it's your first time getting a house 

  • IKEA storage bedroom set – cost $400 

The bed comes with built-in under-the-bed storage. This saves the cost of buying a dresser. To make it a complete two-piece set, you can add an IKEA coffee table as your nightstand.

  • Baxton studio modern bedroom set- cost $926 

The beds come with a bench. To make the set more extraordinary, add a wooden nightstand. 

2. Three and four-piece bedroom set

The sets highlighted here are  three or four pieces and  their prices are  below $1,800.

  • IKEA country house bedroom set – amount $787 

If you want this type of set you will get a bed frame, a six-drawer dresser, and two nightstands. If you need more storage for your clothes, you can add a wardrobe for $349. You don’t have to pick the mentioned pieces. You can swap with anything else in the store.

  • The Bermuda bedroom set- cost $538
The fantastic price gives you a headboard, nightstand, and chest
  •  Jilly bean bedroom set- price $1749 

This has a mirror, a queen bed frame,dresser, and nightstand.

  • The Phillipe bedroom set– cost $782

It comes with a large mirror, dresser, nightstand, and chest. This set requires a more spacious bedroom because it will look congested and even smaller if you take it into a smaller room. Besides a friendly price, you also get free shipping.

3. Five-piece bedroom set

The sets are all five-piece and at under $2000

  • IKEA tropical bedroom set- cost $528

From this price, you get a bed frame, two nightstands, and two four-drawer dresser

  • The Regitina bedroom set- cost $1820 

The pieces include a large mirror, bed, nightstand, chest, and dresser. You may say that the set is more expensive, but if you compare it to what other stores are charging for five-piece furniture, you will still buy from Regitina.

  •  Napa white bedroom set- value $1949

This set goes along with a chest, bed frame, dresser, nightstand, and mirror.

  • Le Charmel bedroom set– price $1296

When you buy this set you get a mirror, dresser, two nightstands, and a bed.

What is the Best Color for Bedroom Furniture? 

If you have a small bedroom consider buying light colored furniture. Their color will make the room look bigger. And if your bedroom is large, dark furniture will make the room have an excellent look.  

When choosing the color of your furniture, make sure it transforms the appearance of your bedroom.

If you were to pick the color of your furniture based on the majority opinion, dark furniture sets are trending. You can confirm this by going through interior design magazines. Instead of having a plain dark color, you can combine it with fairer colors. Alternatively, you can integrate with golden tones to give a luxurious look.

A white bedroom set is also the latest trend. White furniture is the ideal creativity. Having white furniture in your room is a plus since you can add your style to the room. Whether you prefer a modern design or a rustic look, white color will work well.

What is the most relaxing color for a bedroom?

Choosing the right color for your bedroom can help you relax after a stressful day. You may not feel the reaction, but your body and mind react to colors. When you come across brighter colors it stimulates your brain and energizes you.  If you want to have a relaxed and calm mood while in your room, consider the following colors:

  • Blue

Blue is an excellent color, and many people like to use it on their bedroom furniture because it’s soothing and can help you calm your busy mind. Also, people believe that it is the perfect color to help you sleep.

  • Violet

It is calming since it has a blue base. Using a soft violet or lilac tone can make you have a sense of inner peace.  

  • Pink

Pink has many bright and vibrant versions, which can make you think it can’t bring peace and calmness. If you want to have pink in your room, choose soft and light shades.

  • Green

Green is believed to have a soothing and comforting effect. When in a green room, you feel like you are relaxing in a park since green is associated with nature. Any shade of green can make you feel calm, while lighter shades make you feel more relaxed.

  • Grey

Grey color is seen as dull and boring. However, the shade of grey is calming and relaxing. It is a neutral color, meaning it can work well with any color. Soft grey makes your bedroom look more prominent and airier.

  • Yellow

Bright yellow energizes you and gives you warmth. While very light, soft yellow has a soothing feel. According to science, yellow makes you feel happy.

  • Tan 

Tan is also neutral. You can use it as a base to highlight other colors.

  • Mixture

You can mix any of the above colors and see which blends well. For instance, if you blend grey and violet, you will have a soothing lilac grey. Grey can combine with any of the above colors since it is a neutral color.

From the list above, blue is the most relaxing color. Whenever you feel stressed, look to the sky. If you think that the entire blue looks plain and boring, you can mix it with green or grey. 


Buying high-quality bedroom furniture sets is an investment that needs research. Many people don’t realize that they pay for poor-quality furniture. 

A bedroom set is not about design but what suits your needs. If you want to buy a furniture set, use this article to guide you in the right direction. All the best as you plan to furnish your bedroom.