How To Mix And Match Your Bedroom Armoire

How To Mix And Match Your Bedroom Armoire

You just moved into a new apartment and don't know how to match your bedroom furniture set? This situation can be tiring and frustrating. As expected, you want to set up a custom interior with creative mixing. The good news is that you don't have to start from point zero to mix and match your bedroom set and armoire. 

What you need are ideas on how to customize and make innovative combinations with your bedroom armoire. Well, look no further. This guide offers artistic ways to create a unique bed-chamber by compounding and balancing pieces of furniture. Stay active to gain all these!

Why Should You Mix and Match Bedchamber Armoire? 

It is not uncommon to enter bedrooms and find a matching set of furniture. In fact, most bed-chamber wooden furnishings are usually concordant sets. Many people prefer to go for compatible collections because they are easier to shop for. This process makes ambiance balance easier. But it doesn’t result in a unique decoration.

Creating a custom look in your rest area improves the room’s quality. Other reasons why you should consider blending and balancing your bed chamber storage chest include:

  •  It adds flexibility and uniqueness to your room décor.
  • Mixing and harmonizing will help you to create a custom look with a professional designer's touch.
  • It allows you to develop an impressive color mix and design flow.

Don't get it wrong. Using complementing furniture models in your room is not a bad idea. But you can add more creativity and quality when you combine and match. Do you need ideas about how to get started? You can find them below.

How to Mix and Match Your Bedroom Armoire; Tips and Considerations 

Mixing and matching bedroom armoire requires a bit of creativity. One reason people aren’t interested in this process is the hassle involved. But the end benefit is more significant than any stress you might experience. 

There are tips and considerations to ease the procedure of blending bedchamber storage chest. These points will help you gain effective steps to follow when balancing your room decor. Let's check them out.

1. Choose the Right Piece

The first step to perfect complementing armoires is selecting the right piece. Getting the right furniture sets to make things much easier for you. It ensures the addition of quality fittings and the creation of unique designs.  

Are you pondering on how to find the most suitable furnishing? Certain factors can aid in acquiring the correct pick. These determinants include:

  • Designs 
  • Size 
  • Buildup materials 
  • Colors 
  • Durability 

Once you check the box for the points listed above, you are certainly on the right path. Then other notable tips you should keep in mind include:

  • The size of the fixtures must fit into your space. It should neither be too big nor too small compared to the room and existing components.
  • The design and color must also suit the décor you intend to create. It should also flow beautifully with other furniture sets.
  • The buildup material can be a massive influencer on other factors on this list. 

2. Vary the Texture 

The texture here might not translate to the surface in the basic context. Here, it means you are trying to mix up the materials for different room structures. For instance, you can blend a wooden armoire with a metal bed frame. 

Other elements you can include for your room composition are metals, stone, and mirrored supplies. Using painted woods can also give a unique touch compared to a traditional appearance.

You can use this notion when you are bringing in your wooden fitting. Add flexibility to your apartment by choosing an armoire stock different from others in the room. 

3. Use Contrast Style 

One of the primary reasons behind mixing and matching is to create a unique style. Focusing on the room furnishing types will help you invent a custom look. Besides, it will also influence the quality of your décor.

There are different designs used in making armoires and other room furniture. Consider merging these styles to form an outstanding output. Note that you aim to produce contrast but a harmonizing pattern. 

For instance, if your bed frame has a rustic outline, you can choose a storage chest with a modern outlook. The choice can also be vice versa. Other fitting configurations to consider include; minimalistic arts, basic layout, neutral elements, etc. 

4. Choose a Color that Blends 

Color is one of the fundamentals of décor, design, and other art forms. If you don't want to go through the stress of texture and style, you can vary the shade. Armoire with the same surface will create a different look using distinct paints.

Your bedroom storage chest can introduce two tones in your decoration. This addition can bridge the gap between mixing and consistency. It will create a complementing blend without using the same tint. 

You can check out hue ideas online if you are not versatile with pigments. The dyes you are choosing must combine and flow well. They should fit the existing ambiance and pattern, except you intend to change it overall. 

5. Don’t Overlook Functionality 

It would be best if you didn't overlook the function of your wooden fitting while trying to mix and match. For instance, getting a bedroom tv armoire will add more depth to your room. It will perform more roles than a mere storage facility. 

A similar rule applies to the bedchamber wardrobe. It will unite all the qualities you need and won't let you miss the absence of a closet. So, functionality is a critical consideration when blending and pairing. 

Is It OK to Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture? 

Mixing and matching bedroom furniture is a brilliant idea. Besides the fact that it adds uniqueness to your bedchamber, it also helps you create a custom look and allow flexibility in your room design. 

So, it is very RIGHT to blend and balance your rest chamber furnishings. Sets of furniture with the same texture, style, and color can be boring. Crossing wooden fittings add a comfy, warm, and diverse feeling to your space. 


Bedroom furniture pieces play a vital role in a room's appearance. Most fittings come in sets of the same color, texture, and style. But you can spice things up and add more value by mixing and matching armoires. This action comes with many benefits, and you won't regret exploring this option. 

Deciding to blend and harmonize your bedroom armoire is not enough. It is crucial to do it the right way to achieve your goal. Start by getting the most suitable closet furnishing, then consider tone, consistency, and other tips above. Nothing beats a perfect match with the right bedroom set, so ensure you get the perfect wooden fixtures!