9 Most Popular Modern King Size Beds In The Market

9 Most Popular Modern King Size Beds In The Market

You just moved in with your partner, and you are faced with the dilemma of selecting the perfect large bed for your comfort. This can happen, especially when you don’t have enough information about this bed type. If you find yourself in this condition, you should consider modern king size beds. The reputation of this model is a factor of its design and functionality. And you can rarely go wrong with choosing one. 

Now, you know the bed type to go for. Another major hurdle is getting a fitting choice in a pool of market options. This can be confusing, but all you need is a guide which you have right here. So, if you need a well-known, functional, and stylish selection, look no further. Let's explore these options! 

How Do I Figure Out A King Size Bed? 

The first thing you need to learn is how to identify a king-size bed. There are several types with varying measurements. Most of these options are similar in style and design. But the best way to tell a king-size apart is its dimension. Other tips that will aid the identification of this selection are:

  • The size of this model is more extensive than others.
  • The extent is often 76" x 80". It is as wide as two twin beds placed side by side. You have enough space on this bed to move around while you enjoy a good night's sleep.
  • The area can vary slightly but fall in the range above.
  • A typical king-size bed will take two or three people. But its capacity is best for two persons, which makes it an ideal option for couples.  

There is modern evolution in the style and design of this bed type with changes in time. Many of these fashions are popular because of their excellent forms and functionalities. Knowing the popular modern choices of this option will help to narrow down your selection. 

Popular King Size Modern Beds 

There are several customizations of modern king size beds, but not all are common. The reason behind the popularity of some over others is in their structure and function. 

The options on this list will not only help you get a good night's sleep. Their pattern will improve the beauty of your room. They will also add touches of class and elegance to your apartment without compromising functions. 

Below is a list of the top 9 large-size modern beds available for you:

1. Standard King Size Bed 

The standard king-size crib, also known as the Eastern king bed,  is arguably the most popular model. It uses the typical 76" x 80" and has simple designs. 

This option is wider than the queen's bed by 16”. It has enough space to accommodate two people. This option is more extensive than full-size beds and will fit perfectly in a master bedroom. 

2. Western King Size Bed 

Western king-size bed's dimension is slightly different from the eastern styles. It is longer but narrower. The typical measurement of this bed type is usually 84" x 72".

This model has dimensions that best fit heavy-weight individuals. It is comfortable for two people and would fit into a master bedchamber, and this option makes it easy to combine a storage facility. You can add cabinets under the bed frame. 

3. Split Style Bed

The split king-size bed comes in two pieces instead of the regular one. This type uses a standard king size width of 80”. But the breadth can be anywhere between 76” to 78”. Each piece of the split bed has the same size as a twin bed. 

So, this option offers you a double bed with some extra length. It is often perfect for a guest room and suitable for conserving space. This model is famous for its versatility. 

4. Japanese Style Modern King Size Beds 

Do you want something antique yet modern? The Japanese style option for a king-size bed offers a blend of modernization and tradition. Aside from the decorative features of this model, it also comes in standard size. 

It is comfortable for two people and would be perfect in a master bedroom. You will often find two end tables integrated into its frame for added functionality. 

5. Platform King Size Bed 

Modern king-size platform bed uses a standard dimension of 76" x 80". It has a unique design that makes it appear that the mattress is on a platform. Unlike most popular frames, it does not have a closing end. It is more like a bed placed on a flat stage. 

This popular style is perfect in a master bedchamber. It is not a bad option for guests and teen's rooms too. It is decorative and can accommodate two people. 

6. Sleigh King Size Bed

This model is one of the most common king-size beds you will find around. You can differentiate it from other types with the measurement of its frame. It appears like a canoe shape but is compact and functional. 

The size of this option is similar to the standard modern king bed dimension. It might not be the best choice for small rooms, but it is perfect for a master bedroom. It can accommodate two people, making it an ideal choice for couples. 

7. Daybeds

King-size daybeds are one of the most stylish and creative options you will find around. It appears like a couch with a bed extension. The exciting thing is that its innovative design does not affect its functionality. 

It is perfect in a master bedchamber but might not be suitable in limited spaces. Daybeds can take two or more people with ease. 

8. Folding King Size Beds 

Folding king-size beds is another excellent option you should consider. Their dimension is often similar to the standard size. This model is ideal in guest and teens' rooms because of its design. It is also a perfect selection in limited spaces because of its foldable feature. Regardless, it can take two people. 

9. Panel King Size Bed 

A panel king-size bed is similar to the standard type in almost all ramifications. They have the same dimension. The notable difference between the two is the structure of the frames. The panel-style frame has a higher head and leg covering. It is a perfect option for a master bedroom for couples and moderately sized guest rooms. 

What Are the Most Popular King Size Beds? 

The standard modern king-size bed is arguably the most popular option in this bed class. It has a 76" x 80" dimension, a reference for other types in this category. It has a simple style and not as costly as other decorative options. 

Besides, it fits almost all types of moderate-sized bedrooms. You can use it in master bedchambers and guest rooms. 


Choosing a modern king-size bed for your home is a worthy investment. It helps you to narrow down the available option and ease the hassle of bed search. You can assess the types above to help you make the best decision. 

Are you out on a hunt for the most suitable option out of the modern king size beds available? Consider the models above, and feel free to explore! Remember that a good cradle should ensure your comfort without compromising functionality.