7 Advantages of Getting A Quadruple Bunk Bed

7 Advantages of Getting A Quadruple Bunk Bed

Most of you probably think that bunk beds are for those who are trying to save money. Well, it makes sense because if you’ve ever seen prison cells and training camps, they usually have bunk beds there.

Once you have your own family and you plan to have more kids, you will realize the importance of bunk beds, especially a quadruple bunk bed. It’s bigger than your typical double deck, but it offers more advantages than you can imagine. If you’re intrigued about this amazing piece of furniture, let’s find out how it can benefit you.

The Best Benefits of a Quadruple Bunk Bed

1. It’s Cost-Effective

You should look at the most practical benefit of this bedroom furniture – cost! Bunk beds typically cost lower than a regular bed. It’s more cost-effective than buying two separate bed frames.

A quad bunk bed will work wonders for you if you are buying a new house and you’re setting up a room for your kids. Having three or four kids means that you’ll have to separate them into at least two smaller rooms. Due to this, you will have to buy at least four separate beds or two double-deck beds. Quad bunk beds are cheaper so it is a more cost-effective choice for families that are on a budget.

2. Save More Space

One of the best reasons to get a quad bunk bed is its space-saving characteristics. Actually, most homeowners buy them because it helps them save more space. If you have a lot of children and you have limited space or rooms in your house, it’s better to put them in a large room together. This type of bed can be separated so you can just transfer the other half to another room when your children get older.

This type of bed is usually placed in a corner of the room. By doing this, the rest of the room will be blank space. You can put more cabinets or you can add study tables for your children.

3. Gives Private Space to your Children

    As your kids grow older, they would want a private space for themselves. If your house is small and there are only a few rooms available, privacy is a luxury.

    But, bunk beds can offer the privacy that you want for your children. Having a quadruple bunk bed allows your children to create a private space for themselves. This is also a great idea for adults. They can just put a curtain on their bed and they already have the privacy that they need.

    4. Customizable

    A lot of people are using bunk beds because you can literally customize their appearance to your liking. Yes, these beds can be bought pre-made and you just need to install them in your room. But, you can also create your own design and let a professional build one for you. With a quad bunk bed, you can have four different designs for the beds.

    5. Perfect for Multiple Guests

    If you always have guests in your house, you don’t have to let them stay and sleep on the floor. Having bunk beds in your guest rooms can give them a more comfortable night.

    Sleepovers would be more fun as well if you have bunk beds. You can have your friends have a sleepover in your house without the need to bring their own sleeping bags.

    6. Can Add More Storage Space

    Bunk beds not only provide more space in your room. It also gives more storage space for your personal things. Most of the top quad bunk beds are made with multiple drawers. This is usually done to allow the users to have more space in their room, especially if it’s not too big. Every space on the bed would have its own personal drawers for their personal things.

    Because of this, you won’t have to buy a lot of cabinets for your children. They can just put their clothes and other things on the drawers of the bunk bed.

    7. Perfect for a Growing Family

    Planning to have more children in the future requires you to be more far-sighted when it comes to building your house. Instead of buying separate beds for your kids, you can buy a quad bunk bed early on.

    These beds are very sturdy and can last for a long time. You don’t need to worry about your children not enjoying the bed. It would definitely last for more than 10 years and all of your children can use it. As long as you do proper maintenance, your beds can last for decades.

    Safety Guide for Bunk Beds

    Whether you’re using a double-deck or a quad bunk bed, there are safety guidelines that you need to follow.

    • Bunk beds should not be used by children six years old and below, especially the top bunk. Make sure that the one using the top bunk is old enough to handle his or her safety.
    • You should always keep the room well-ventilated at all costs. Mold can easily develop in a moist environment and it can cause health problems to your kids.
    • It is very important that the top bunk is only accessed by a single individual. You should never let two or more people stay at the top part of the bunk bed.
    • Carpeted or cushioned flooring is required if you plan to have bunk beds. This is to lessen the risk of serious injuries in case an accident happens.
    • Check the bed frame and make sure that the mattresses will be thicker than 16cm. Anything thicker might cause your child to go over the side rail and fall from the bed.

    Final Thoughts

    Buying a quadruple bunk bed is a wise move if you have a big family or you plan to have more children in the future. It is cost-effective and it can help you save more space on the rooms. There are risks involved, but you can eliminate them with the right safety precautions.

    If you need a top-quality bunk bed for your home, there are multiple options available in the market that you can choose from.