6 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Dresser With Mirror

6 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Dresser With Mirror

You are running late for work. In and out of the bathroom, you go. But, you realize your lotions are back in the bathroom. You race back to apply them, then back to the room to get your clothes from the wardrobe. And then to your mirror at the other end of the room. Before you can complete all these trips, you're already due to be fired. However, a dresser with mirror solves this dilemma.  They provide a storage unit that helps you keep everything within reach while also adding style and functionality to your bedroom. 

Dressers are essential pieces of any bedroom design. And as such, making the right choice would ensure you get a cozy bedroom. To find out what you need to know before getting one, read on. 

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Dresser with Mirror

A few pieces adorn a bedroom like a dresser. Not only does it provide a storage unit, but you can also style it to form awesome room decor. The following is a list of factors you must consider to select the right piece of furniture for your bedroom.

1. What are Your Requirements

The best place to start is by assessing what your needs are. What accessories do you have to store? What’s the quantity of the items you want to stockpile, so you can determine the number of drawers you need. You must sort all these out before you begin your dresser research. 

The storage capacity you need will determine what dresser design will best suit your room. For example, if there will be more than one user, consider a dresser with more drawers (deep and big). This way, you can section your drawer to cater to the needs of every user. Additionally, if it is just you, for better organization, plan for separate drawers for different accessories, such as jewelry, socks, underwear, etc. 

2. The Size of Your Bedroom

Another essential point you must consider is the space you are working with. For example, the last thing you would want is to select a dresser that takes up the whole bedroom space. So, assess the size of your bedroom. If possible, get a measuring tape, and measure the space available. Then select a dresser that'll slot into the room you're working with.

If you have a small bedroom, go for small dressers that can easily fit into your bedroom. For large bedrooms, feel free to experiment with a large piece. However, make sure you avoid cluttering. The whole point of a dresser is to free up more space. 

3. The Right Theme and Shade

Once you are settled on your storage needs and the size of your bedroom, next up is the dresser design. This piece of furniture will take up valuable visual space. So make sure it is appealing to the eye. This means picking a design that complements your overall room decor. Start by assessing other room furniture. Find a focal point—something to base your design on. 

Most interior designers use the bed as a focal point, as it is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom. So, choose a dresser that complements your bed. But, be careful not to create a room decor where the main pieces are competing visually.  

Regarding shade, there is a wide variety of dresser colors to choose from. For example, for rooms with a white color scheme, a grey dresser with a mirror would be a great addition. While a brown dresser would complement a room with natural wood finishes.  

4. The Size and Shape of the Mirror

Although the mirror is a prominent part of a dresser, most homeowners overlook its design when selecting pieces for decoration. The shape and size of the mirror can significantly impact your room decor. Therefore, you must pay attention to these details.

What is most common are rectangular and square mirrors. However, you can find some other interesting shapes. For example, circles, polygons, those with uneven curves, and even cutout designs. Whatever choice you make, ensure that it complements your room. For example, a square bedroom can use a circular mirror. 

5. The Cost of Dressers and Your Budget

How much do dressers with mirrors cost? That is one of the most important questions you should answer before you begin your research. Getting an estimate can help you determine a budget. Once you have this setup, looking for the right piece of furniture becomes a more straightforward process. 

While most people believe “the costlier, the better,” it is only a myth. There are economical, high-quality dressers in the market. A great example is the Logan II Contemporary Dresser and Mirror from Bedroom Emporium. 

6. The Quality of the Dresser

Although getting the cheapest dresser can feel like hitting the jackpot, you know what is more? Buying high-quality dressers at the best prices. Never sacrifice quality for the price. Great products are worth every penny. Also, in the long run, you would end up spending more with a substandard piece than you would if you chose a superior piece. 

But the question remains, “how can you tell if a product is high-quality or not?”. For starters, quality dressers have sturdy joineries, solid legs, and smooth drawers. 

If you are going for a wooden piece. Go for those with kiln-dried and well-stained wood. That is, ensure there are no Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and paint-like drips on any part of the piece. Additionally, you can push and pull the dresser. If it gives any twists or squeaks, it is of low quality. 

Benefits of Getting a Mirrored Dresser

Adding this piece of furniture to your bedroom would deliver you the following benefits and more:

1. Easier and Balanced Interior Decoration

A dresser, especially a large one, with an empty wall above it, would make an inharmonious design. What makes a great interior decoration is the ability to find a balance between every available furniture piece. To create some connection between the wall and the dresser, some form of decor is necessary. For example, a mirror or artwork.

A mirrored dresser provides an easy solution to this dilemma. The mirrors that accompany this furniture type are often large enough. They can take up the wall space necessary to balance and complement your room design. So, instead of getting a dresser without a mirror and proceeding to look for additional decoration for the wall above it. Take the easy way out and settle for the obvious solution.

2. Maintain Room Coordination  

Most homeowners prefer to match furniture pieces. If not all the furniture in a room, at least a pair. A dresser that comes with a mirror achieves this seamlessly. This is because they are most often made in the same style and material. Also, this piece of furniture can be part of a bedroom set that can include matching nightstands and a bed. 

Additionally, if an eclectic design is what you are looking to achieve (not matching furniture and decor), a mirrored dresser can provide that. You can use this piece of furniture as a component in this type of design. Finally, if consistency is a motivation for your decoration, look no further than a dresser that has a mirror.

3. A Functional and Convenient Piece of Furniture

A dresser’s main functionality is to provide a dressing stage, hence the name “dresser.” Without a mirror, you are not maximizing the function of this piece of furniture. It provides the storage capacity to house all your dressing materials, from pieces of jewelry, socks to major outfits. 

And because all your belongings are within reach, it allows you the luxury of getting dressed and applying final touches, with accessories, all in one place. This saves time and adds functionality to your bedroom. Also, having a mirror right where you dress is much more convenient than switching locations to see how you look.

This makes for a more organized morning routine. You avoid the risk of misplacing accessories when you are in a rush. This is because you don't have to get anything from another location to your mirror. 

4. Lightens and Increase the Virtual Size of your Bedroom

Because of the reflective property of a mirror, this furniture type brightens up the room. This is possible when its location is adjacent to the direction of natural light in your room. This way, you can infuse dark spaces with light while reducing your electricity bills. 

Also, this furniture type opens up your bedroom, as the reflective nature of mirrors makes the room appear larger. Mirrors create an illusion of space, especially in a light scheme room. Therefore, a dresser with a mirror can come in handy in small rooms.

How to Decorate your Dresser Top

Getting a dresser with a mirror does not mean you can’t further decorate your dresser. Here are a few design tips for your dresser top:

1. Take Everything Off it.

Does your dresser seem to carry too much load? Start from the basics and clean it up. This would free up some space and allow your room to breathe. There is always more than enough room in the drawers to store your essentials. You can take everything off the top and still maintain organization. Finally, this setup helps you achieve a minimalist look. 

2. Experiment with Height at Either Side of the Mirror

Flanking your mirror with items of the same height is a great way to style your dresser. There are various items you can consider for this position. Some of these include; plants, table lamps, decorative baskets, tall pillar candles, etc. 

Feel free to experiment with different items. However, if you already have a lamp close to your dresser, consider using other options. For example, two small but tall flower vases on both sides of your mirror would give an eclectic design. 

You can use one item on one side of the mirror for a simpler and more spacious look. For example, let us assume you have a nightstand with a table lamp on it; you can include another on the other side of the dresser to balance your room decor. 

3. Use a Tray

Now that you have heights flanking your mirror, it’s time for something low and wide. Trays are great accessories when it comes to styling dresser tops. Not only do they add to your room’s aesthetics, but they are also functional pieces.

Position a beautiful tray on your dresser. You can maximize its functionality by using your tray to hold pieces of jewelry, perfume, body lotion, and so on. Also, ensure that your tray complements your dresser. This is not a spot for just any type of tray. 

4. Use Accent Pieces to Create Balance

Another way you can style your dresser is by creating balance. Your design should feel like a network of items that speak to each other. If you have an item (for example, a plant) on one side of your mirror, you can create a connection,  using a medium-sized accent. For example, if you have a table lamp on one side of your mirror, you can add one or two hardback books on the opposite side. 

Also, with two tall items flanking your mirror, you can still use accent pieces. Experiment by adding one or two accents on both sides. For example, if you have plants beside your mirror,  you can include antique glass jars beside both. 

Other accent pieces you can use are Mason jars filled with interesting small items, candles, framed photos, medium-sized houseplants, decorative boxes or vases, and so on. 


By considering the factors in this article, you can be sure of getting the right piece of furniture for your bedroom. Not only will it meet your design needs, but it will also add functionality to your bedroom.  

Finally, when it comes to a dresser with mirror, there are a few that ticks all the boxes for the factors in this article. One of which is the Logan II Contemporary Dresser and Mirror from Bedroom Emporium.