9 Ideas To Decorate Your Room Using 6 Drawer Wood Dresser

9 Ideas To Decorate Your Room Using 6 Drawer Wood Dresser

Do you have a humble dresser in your bedroom – bare, bland, empty – in dire need of attention?

Maybe you want to position it for better use of space, but you don't know where it will look best. Maybe you’re selling your home and you want it to be a focal point, creating a great impression.

A 6 drawer wood dresser is not just somewhere to store your clothes. Read on to find out how to get the most from it and add that special “something” to your bedroom!

6 Drawer Wood Dresser Design Ideas

1. A Reading Corner

Place a comfortable reading chair beside your dresser. This works especially well in irregular-shaped bedrooms. If you have an alcove, for example, you can place the dresser there to make the best use of the space, instead of leaving it empty. 

Furnish the top with a selection of books and a down-angled reading lamp, or place a free-standing lamp in a suitable position.

If you’re going for the sophisticated, educated look, why not hang a classical tapestry above the dresser in accenting colors? 

2. Below the Window

The advantage of placing a dresser below a window is that it saves space. You won’t be able to place taller pieces of furniture there. Instead of wasting the space and leaving it bare, you can put this item below it.

But there’s a catch. The top of the dresser should be below the window line so it doesn’t block the light and view. However, for tall windows, a few inches of overlap is okay.

A wood 6-drawer dresser can look great in this position, the natural light complementing the natural wooden finish. However, consider that it may be exposed to sunlight and possibly, moisture. If you’re concerned about damage, place a decorative element on top to cover the surface.

If there’s a radiator below your window, it’s not a good idea to put a dresser in front of it. It would prevent heat from distributing evenly throughout the room and risks causing heat damage.

3. Art Exhibition

Place your favorite piece on the wall behind your dresser. This is a great option if you hang art around the room and want to accent a particular piece. On top of the dresser, place small sculptures and other items from your collection – but don’t overdo it – you want to draw attention to the main piece.   

4. Create Balance

Spread your furniture evenly throughout the room. It doesn’t have to be completely symmetrical, but avoid placing it all in one area and leaving other areas empty – this would create the feeling that something isn’t right.  

The feeling of balance creates the relaxing atmosphere a bedroom needs. Your dresser is part of it. 

5. A Home For Your House Plants

Plant enthusiasts can use this extra surface to bring a splash of green to the bedroom, in line with the Earthy feel of a solid wood 6-drawer dresser. 

Create a bold display featuring one large plant, or something more subtle containing plants of different heights and textures to add interest. For the finishing touches, why not add a few plants above the dresser in macrame hangers, or place a tall plant beside it?

This green design can work well for dressers below windows, ensuring the plants get plenty of daylight. However, ensure they’re not so tall that they block out too much light.

6. Rooms With High Ceilings

Rooms with high ceilings can look empty, but your dresser can help prevent that. Place tall items on top, such as a candle, plant, or vase. This helps bring the focus upwards, unifying the lower and upper parts of the room.

Statement Walls

A statement wall is a select wall that creates interest by standing out from the other walls. It stands out through texture, color, or pattern. For example, a room with un-patterned walls may have a feature wall with patterned wallpaper. Other suggestions for tall rooms include long tapestries, murals, and other art.

Placing your dresser with tall items, against the wall opposite helps unify the space as a coherent whole. If the room is small and it won’t work having the dresser opposite, it can form the base of the statement wall.  

7. Minimalist Designs

Create a minimalist effect by keeping your dresser almost empty - except for a lamp, placed in the center. A wide dresser enhances the effect, emphasizing the emptiness of the space, in contrast with the item. Adding one or two other essentials can work, but more than that and it’s no longer minimal.  

8. Contrasting Colors

Your dresser can be an accent color. (If painting it yourself, make sure you use the correct type of paint for the wood). This can work well in a contemporary, minimalistic setting – white walls with a striking splash of color, for example. However, it can work as an accent color in any room.  

9. Kids’ Rooms

You can use your dresser as practical storage for kids’ blankets, toys, and so on. You can place baskets on top for storing practical items like diapers, baby wipes, and so on, keeping them organized yet discreet.  

For older children with themed bedrooms, it can act as a focal point. Maybe you want to hang their solar system model above, with a globe on the dresser. Perhaps it’s home for their Star Wars figurines, with a Yoda poster as the backdrop.

You can use color here as well – maybe you’d like to paint the drawers their favorite colors.  

How to Decorate Over a Dresser

Look at some options for decorating the top of dressers in different situations. Here are some more ideas:

  • For guest bedrooms – create a “hotel-esque” experience – place coffee and tea facilities on top, with mugs that suit the room’s design.
  • TVs - If you have a TV on, or wall-mounted above your dresser, place items with a low profile such as small candles or potted plants like cacti. If items distract you from the screen, go for a minimal approach – as in, nothing. However, to keep it from being completely bare, place something flat on top, like a runner. This keeps the interest when viewing it from other angles.
  • Organizers – your dresser can be the perfect place for cosmetic and jewelry organizers, especially if you don’t have a dressing table. If you keep stationary in the bedroom but you don’t have a desk, you can use it for office organizers as well. Add something aesthetic so your pens and post-its don’t detract from the calm, bedroom ambiance.  
  • Other classic items – picture frames, candles, clocks, decorative boxes, mirrors (above, on the wall, or smaller vanity mirrors) – use any of these items in moderation to avoid clutter.
  • Fairy lights – place them around the edges so you have easy access to the drawers. 

In Summary

A 6 drawer wood dresser is not just a piece of furniture. It’s a statement. It’s a design element in itself. Whatever the size and shape of your room, you can leverage this simple item to create an impact on visitors – and to enjoy for yourself. Check it out and see how it may complement your bedroom!