5 Stylish Triple Bunk Beds in the Market & Other Essential Factors

5 Stylish Triple Bunk Beds in the Market & Other Essential Factors

As a parent, one fun thing to do for your kids is designing a new space and buying the necessary materials. Does it sound more overwhelming than fun? Don't fret! This article contains everything you need to know about triple bunk beds, including the top five stylish ones and more information. 

For instance, do you have three children who share a room? As you'd know by now, even kids like to have their space and you want to provide it. You don't necessarily need three bedrooms when a simple triple bunk bed will do the trick! Delve deeper to learn how to achieve it.

Types of stylish bunk beds

As mentioned previously, there different types of these beds, and here are a few below:

  • Hunter and company interior design - The top half of the bed has double twin beds, while the lower half has two full-sized beds. It has a rustic feel to it and is excellent if you have young, growing boys.
  • Corner Loft-triple -This bed comes as three twin slat rolls. It is great for a study or a couch to sit in without blacking out most of the room.  The lower bed has two rail heights that can serve storage purposes. 
  • Dillion Industrial metal twin bunk – This bed is built with two ladders for your kids to access the upper bunks easier. Its design is a smooth metal that adds to the room’s aesthetics. It also has rugged panels, and copper accents hand brushed into bed frames. And like most beds, it comes with safety rails built-in to keep your children safe. 
  • Duncan Triple Bed – To look like the cool parents, I'd personally recommend this bed. Its eye-catching will leave your kids slack-jawed. It has a wide bottom with enough space for kids still growing.
  • The Jolly – This is a medium-sized bed and can also be used as a playhouse by your kids. This bed comes with a built-in slide, and we all know kids love slides. It also has a ladder so they can get to the top and go again. These beds also come with a trundle that doubles as extra storage or more bed space.

How much space do you need above the bunk bed?

This is a common question that a lot of parents usually forget to ask or note when they get their bunk beds but suddenly have to confront when it's time to install the bed. The space we are talking about is simply the space between the bottom bunk and the bottom of the top bunk. Averagely, this space is usually between 33-38 inches. 

What ladder should you choose; angled, staircase, or straight?

Bunk beds come with three kinds of ladders in order to reach the top bunk, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • The Straight ladder is fixed to the bottom and top of the bunk bed. This type of ladder is either noted on, nailed, or something; and, therefore, cannot be removed or shifted. This is a great option for smaller kids who may shift the ladder around. It is also the best option when saving space, as it stands straight.
  • The Angles ladder, on the other hand, is fixed at the top bunk alone. The bottom of an angled ladder normally is 11-inches away from the bottom of the bunk. This allows it to be easily climbed. It is best for older kids compared to younger children because it becomes a boobytrap and tripping hazard for smaller children. 
  • The Staircase ladder is the goldilocks zone of the three. It is great for both younger and older kids. This ladder has large steps, handguards, and drawers for extra storage in the staircase. Staircase bunk beds are best for larger, bigger rooms since they come in at 99-inches and are the longest.

Bunk Bed Mattress Sizes

A lot of times, a twin-size mattress is a perfect size for any bunk bed. A Typical triple bunk bed requires three twin mattresses that measure 75 by 39. Another thing to remember when buying a bed is the height of the mattress; 5 to 8-inches is the appropriate height. Also, remember that adding a Bunkie board will increase the height by two inches.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Bunk Bed

They are several things to consider when you decide to buy a bunk bed; though it depends mostly on preference, here are a few things to look out for.

1. Size of the room

The number thing to take into consideration is the size of the room. This will affect your purchasing choice. Take your time to measure the space, visualize. Also, look at the position of things in the room, like the window, closets, and doors did the best position to put down the bed. We would advise against placing the bed in front of a window or a door, rather put it along a wall with nothing in its path. You should also consider corner bunks too if saving space is your priority.

2. What’s the bed’s purpose?

There are several options on the market today. When purchasing your bed, one question you have to ask yourself is what is the purpose of this bed. Some are for extra storage, for kids sleeping, or workspaces. Some serve as bed spaces for guests. Some beds can serve dual purposes, like kid's beds with slides or playhouse beds. So, decide what the purpose of your mattress is and purchase accordingly. 

3. Size

Bunk beds no longer come the way they once did, twin sizes. Now they can come in full, XL, and even queen sizes. When buying a bed, keep your child's age in consideration. Also, consider how many kids will be sleeping on it, and if not kids, perhaps adults? You have the option to go bigger and better. If this bed serves as a guest bed for adults, you don't want a measly twin bed for your guest if you can afford something better.

4. Safety First

Children will roll, jump, and swing around while lying on these beds, whether it be in their sleep or even wide awake. These thoughts are anxiety-inducing for parents, but kids don't seem to have a fear in the world. Thankfully, safety precautions are taken to prevent anything from happening. Handrails, side bed rails, and slated ladders are all in place to keep your child from falling off. So, consider buying these types of beds to prevent accidents.


This guide serves to aid in your decision when purchasing a bunk bed. When getting triple bunk beds, you should consider different things other than functionality, one of them being style. Also, when going shopping for these beds, consider the different factors that may personally affect your decision, like the size of your room or the age of your child.