4 Ways To Style Your Twin Size Daybed With Trundle

4 Ways To Style Your Twin Size Daybed With Trundle

The quest to have a functional area with space-saving furniture is endless. Getting a bed with excellent style, thoughtful design, and proper space management can prove a hassle. But a viable option to go for is a twin size daybed with trundle.

Are you planning to get this furnishing? Or you have one, and you are confused about how to blend it perfectly with your room? Don’t look further. This guide provides everything you need to know about combining this fitting. So, stay active to learn more! 

Practical Ways to Give Your Twin Size Daybed with Trundle the Perfect Style 

As much as daybeds with trundle help save space, they should also flow with the style and design in the room. So, styling this furniture determines its appearance and, sometimes, its function. 

Usually, the trundle of daybeds remains well-hidden beneath it. This feature makes the appearance of the furnishing appealing. Besides, it helps you ease the hassle of blending and arrangement. Below are four simple ways of styling this fitting:

1. Find the Perfect Position for the Furniture 

Styling a daybed with a trundle starts with proper positioning. The placement of the furnishing plays a vital role in the final picture of the room. The best way to position your bed is to make it appear like a traditional couch in your living room. 

A daybed in the sitting room is supposed to play the role of a sofa. Even in the bedroom or recreational space settings, daybeds should appear like a couch. You should give it a background on any suitable wall in the room. You can try different partitions to figure out the most appropriate one for the daybed. You can also use side tables to complement this style and setup. 

Pro Tip: It is not a good idea to place your daybeds against a wall densely covered with frames. The backrest of this furniture might hide these frames. 

2. Use Cushion and Pillows to Reduce Depth 

A daybed with trundle twin size can be too deep, particularly for sitting. It is usually a few inches deeper than the regular couch because its typical size is 38 inches x 75 inches. Hence, it can cause the feet of those sitting on it to dangle.

Including cushions and pillows play two vital roles. The first role is to reduce the depth of the daybed to make sitting positions more comfortable. Secondly, it is a good element for styling this furniture. 

Start by getting the shape, color, and size of pillows and cushions that fit the style you intend to create. A single shape pillow will also work for some patterns. But you can create unique blends by adding funky shapes. However, ensure that you do not overstuff the bed with too many materials. 

3. Use Bed Skirts and Thick Sheets to Hide Trundle 

One of the main goals while including a daybed in your space is making it appear like a couch. Using bed skirts and sheets will help you achieve this purpose. It will also assist you in providing a stylish cover for your furniture. 

The color and thickness of the sheets are vital for this styling. Use only solid colors for the sheets and ensure that the hue flows well with your existing design. The dark tone and printed sheets are also great options for unique styles.

The thickness of the sheet will ensure proper fitting. It will also prevent it from getting trapped while moving the furniture. Avoid leaving the covering crumpled so that it won’t expose the bed and trundle you are trying to hide away. 

4. Add Complementing Furniture and Other Decorative Elements 

Another impressive way to style your daybed is to add complementing furniture. These fittings will improve the “couch” appearance of your daybed. They will also enhance your room setting, style, and appearance. 

You can start by including a small end table on either or both sides of the daybed. Another option is a small roll-away coffee table at the front of the sofa. This style mainly works for twin size daybed with pop-up trundle. The reason for the roll-away table is to make it easy to move it when you want to remove your trundle. 

Consider placing a portable plant pot on any of the side tables. Alternatively, you can add a decorative tray with plants on the mobile side tables. A bigger plant pot at the side of the couch also improves the appearance of the space.

How Do You Decorate A Daybed? 

Decorating a daybed is not rocket science, and it is even easier when you have a perfect style. Below are viable options to consider for your daybed decoration:

  • You can start by using attractive and thick sheets to cover the couch. Consider using specific prints with darker tones. Alternatively, you can take clues of sheet colors from the existing space design and décor.
  • Another way to decorate a twin size daybed with a trundle bed is by including plants. Adding big plants at the back corner of the couch will make it classy and attractive. Also, you can add these plants on the side tables and roll away the table in front of the bed.
  • You can also decorate your trundle beds with funky pillows and cushions. These materials can come in various styles, shapes, and colors. All you need to do is ensure that they flow with the styling of the couch to form attractive symmetry. 


Styling a twin size daybed with trundle might have been a source of confusion before reading this guide. But after digesting the points highlighted in this piece, blending your dual size daybed with a trundle shouldn’t be a problem. 

There are several ways to style daybeds, depending on the type and what you intend to create. Start by getting the right furniture like a wooden full-size daybed with a twin trundle. Next, select the best style for your space and add some creativity. Viola! You can see the result of your perfect styling.