3 Best Full Size Daybed With Trundle in 2023

3 Best Full Size Daybed With Trundle in 2023

Living in a small apartment is often a struggle. There never seems to be enough room for other things, including extra sleeping furniture for visitors. Although a pull-out couch or air mattress can seem like an easy solution, they are uncomfortable and extra-large. Hence, the best solution is to opt for compact, convenient furniture and offers two sleeping spaces in one. You can only find this in a daybed.

We have compiled a list of the best full size daybed with trundle for review. Let's get started.

Why Choose a Daybed with Trundle?

Daybeds can be of immense benefit to you. Here are the reasons why you should purchase one:

  • Compact: If you live in a small apartment and are looking for ways to save space, buying a daybed with a trundle is one way. Besides, it is comfortable enough for sleepovers. The bed has rollers, making it easy to slide out the second bed anytime you need it. It also doesn't require any special fitting or modification.
  • Affordable: Replacing furniture can be heavy on your pocket, especially if you are on a budget. But with a trundle bed, you get a great product at a low price. Moreover, they are more comfortable than pull-out couches. You can always use the mattress over your bed, thereby helping you save more.
  • Sturdy: These frames are carefully crafted from solid materials. They are made to effectively bear two persons' weight. They are usually made from eight wooden or metallic frames. Hence they will last for many years without cracking. Because they have a compact structure and excellent quality build, they often last longer than regular twin beds. Also, trundles often feature slats. These provide extra support and are better than box springs.
  • Protection: Trundles provides more safety for kids than bunk beds. Since they aren't high, they are suitable for children who often roll while sleeping. They are also ideal for the elderly as they can quickly get out of bed anytime.
  • Versatile: Daybeds aren't just for sleeping. They also feature drawers. Here you can store a lot of personal items. Asides from the drawers, some of these trundle beds look like regular sofas. Hence they can come in handy, especially if you don't own a full-sized bed. With this bed, you can watch your favorite TV programs with your partner or enjoy a good night's sleep on different beds. Same place, more value.

What is the Most Comfortable Daybed?

After thorough market research, we have come up with three great products. Our list is based on factors such as comfort, cost, quality build, and frame durability. They include:

1. Mabelle Daybed with Trundle

Baxton Studio Daybed with Trundle is an excellent choice for everyone. It is a full-size daybed with a trundle, making it a great option to host friends for a sleepover. This daybed is made from MDF and solid wood. It features a Mabelle, which is foam padded and then covered with a soft polyester fabric.

It has shiny nailheads, which call attention to the graceful curves of its rolled-up arms. That's not all. It features button tufting that adds a classic touch to the furniture. 

Whether you set it up in your bedroom or living room, the Mabelle Daybed will maximize your home's space. This is without sacrificing beauty and style. It is made in Malaysia and will need assembling.

2. Avalon Bed with Twin Trundle

Save 9% when you purchase this fantastic daybed with trundle full size. The product is a combination of ageless nautical style along with the convenience of a trundle bed. Also, it has functional storage drawers. It makes it the ideal furniture for overnight guests.

It has sturdy construction and quality craftsmanship. Also, its space-saving storage, along with its nautical look, makes it the perfect bed for your kids. Avalon Bed with Twin Trundle is available in cherry and black finishes. It requires assembling and does not come with a mattress.

3. Baxton Studio Grid-Tufting Bed

For comfortable and restful sleep, Baxton Studio Grid-Tufting Bed is your best bet. It is a full-size daybed with a pop-up trundle. It has a modern grey-fabric upholstery and is crafted with class and style to meet your needs. Besides, it is fitted with sturdy black wooden legs to provide stability and a stylish headrest for comfort.

The headrest comes with a  high-quality grey-colored polyester fabric. It also has a grid-tuft design that gives it class and sophistication. The product made in Malaysia does require assembling but offers comfort and has a bit of retro flavor.

Factors to consider when purchasing a Daybed

While there are many full size daybeds with trundle and storage on the market, the following factors will help you decide to buy. They include:

  • Size: There are four sizes of beds which includes 
    • King
    • Queen
    • Full
    • Twin. 

The size to purchase should depend on the purchase of use and the size of your apartment.

  • Color & Design: Decide if you want a white full-size daybed with a trundle or polished chocolate. In general, there are different designs and colors of a daybed, and the one to purchase should complement your home decor.
  • Build: Purchase furniture with a frame sturdy enough to accommodate two or more persons. Most daybeds are either made with metallic or wooden frames. While the latter is durable but rigid and tends to scratch easily, the former has a more contemporary look. It's also essential to purchase powerful slats as they play a crucial role in supporting the sides and frames.
  • Cost: The price of daybeds often depends on:
    • Size of product
    • Frame material
    • Brand of product

Ensure you carry out proper market research and stick to your budget.

  • Weight Limit: Different bed frames feature different weight limits. For instance, a twin-size frame can bear a weight of about 102kg. Consider going for beds with metallic structures as they are heavily built and able to support more weight.

Bottom Line

Obtaining a new daybed can be a long process with many factors to consider and options to choose from. But we have simplified the process by highlighting the best full size daybed with trundle, and its benefits.

We have also looked at factors to consider before making a purchase. So, when next your friends come around for a sleepover, pull out that daybed and have the time of your life!