17 Things You Need To Consider Before Getting A Modern Bedroom Set

17 Things You Need To Consider Before Getting A Modern Bedroom Set

Most people have little information when it comes to getting a modern bedroom set. They end up buying furniture that can’t fit the specific bedroom or spend too much on one item. This makes them not buy other necessary furniture. If this happens to you, you become depressed because you will see it as a loss of money.

Have you ever thought about what you need to consider to get a furniture set? Well, in this article, we will explain 17 factors that will help you in getting a modern bedroom. Read along to ensure you get everything right from the beginning to avoid such a rough experience.

Things you need to think about before getting a modern bedroom

1. Budget 

Your budget determines what to include in your modern bedroom sets. You must plan it wisely to avoid spending too much on one item. For instance, if you buy an expensive king-size bed, you might have nothing to buy in the closet.

The best way to buy everything you need is by searching for cheaper alternatives. But that doesn’t mean you buy an inexpensive and low-quality set. Take time and find good modern bedroom furniture sets that you love and are within your budget.

2. Comfort 

Your bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom. It should be a comfortable, peaceful sleep. Beds come in different shapes, designs, styles, and sizes. Therefore, it’s up to you to choose your preferences.

It's important to control the number of items you put in your bedroom. You should not only feel comfy while in bed but also when walking around the room. Also, it is easy to clean a non-stuffed room.

3. Quality

Your modern bedroom furniture set should be attractive and durable. If you don’t consider the quality of the furniture you buy, it might not last long. You need to take your time to know how the furniture you are about to buy is made to avoid replacing it after a short time.

Ensure the bedroom furniture you plan to buy has all the requirements. Check the materials used or how it’s constructed. Besides, buy the furniture from the brands you know and trust.

One secret of knowing if the furniture is standard is by checking the joint. Quality wood furniture has screwed or dowelled joints. While stapled, nailed, or glued, joints mean low quality.

The other thing is your furniture should be scratch-resistant. Never forget to inquire about the manufacturer’s warranty. 

4. Space

The most crucial thing to consider before deciding to get a bedroom set is the space available. The amount of space determines the number of furniture to put in your bedroom.  

If you aim to buy a modern king bedroom set bed for a studio-type bedroom, then you are wrong. Going for a single bed is the best option. You should not only sleep comfortably but also have freedom of movement within the room.

It is recommended to buy round bedside tables that occupy less area. Some like big bedside tables take ample room. 

5. Color

Your bedroom theme blends when you pick the perfect color. Your perfect color will depend on the tint of your furniture, curtains, carpet, and beddings.

Every person has a taste and preference when it comes to tones. Some like light shade and others dark colors for their bedroom walls. Most people use light blue because they believe it induces sleep.  

6. Durability

If you don’t factor in the durability of the modern bedroom set you plan to buy, you will regret it in the future. You need to be keen while choosing your favorite furniture so that you can choose the long-lasting one.

You can buy from recognized companies and avoid companies that sell cheap furniture.

Moreover, consider watching YouTube videos about the furniture you want to buy. Plus reading client’s reviews, you will get more information to help you make a wise decision.

7. Bed

Your bed is the main priority in your bedroom. To some people, it’s hard to choose the right size of bed. If you are part of those people that should not worry you. Your bedroom’s measurements can guide you on the right size of billet you need. 

In addition, ask yourself what kind of headboard and footboard options you prefer. Do you want a high headboard that can block a window? Can a low footboard allow your long leg to stretch? Do you like to tuck the blankets at the foot of your bed to make a high footboard appealing? Thinking in this line will help ease your search. 

8. Nightstands and bedside chests

Nightstands are also crucial in your bedroom. Your bed must have this extension to make it complete. Besides being a place for your lamp, you also keep other things like phones, books, and alarm clocks. 

For your master bedroom, you need two nightstands, each on one side of the bed. You and your partner need enough space to keep your belongings.  

Also, you need bedside chests. You may wonder what the difference is between nightstands and bedside chests. The two have the same width. Nightstands are shorter and have a combination of drawers on top with cabinet-style doors or open space. While the chest is taller, it has multiple single-column drawers.

9. Material 

Different materials are used to make bedroom furniture, like plastic, wood, and metal. Many people like to buy wooden furniture because they are easy to clean and requires less maintenance.   

10. Furniture Feature 

When getting your bedroom furniture, ensure it suits the specific person using them. For instance, you can’t get modern king bedroom sets for your little one. However, it can be okay for your master bedroom.

 11. Style

Buy a modern furniture bedroom set that complements your style. It doesn’t matter how long you take before finding the method that suits you. The most crucial thing is getting the furniture that will make you relax and comfortable.

12. Mattress

Choosing the right mattress is a personal decision because you can only buy what you like and afford. Having a pallet size that fits your bed is not enough. You will also need to decide between the firm and soft memory foam and hybrid designs.

It’s important to note that taller people can be comfortable on a queen size mattress or larger.

13. Blanket or duvet

When buying a blanket, you must consider weather changes. So mix heavy and light duvet for your comfort.

Some people are allergic to certain fabrics, be careful about the type of cover you buy. No matter how you want your bedroom to look, you should also take care of your health. 

14. Armoires and dressers

With these two options in your hands, you may wonder which one to choose. Space available and storage needs will help you to choose one.

Dressers- these are wider but not tall. They have 2-3 columns of drawers. Due to the number of columns, they can be shared by two people. 

Armories- Buy armories if you like hanging clothes. They also have drawers or shelves for keeping folded clothes. 

15. Measurement

Before you step into any store to buy furniture, primarily a bed, ensure you have bedroom and bed dimensions. These measurements will help you choose a bed that fits your room and leaves space for the other furniture. 

16. Wardrobes

Wardrobes are excellent places to keep your clothes and accessories. Here are types of wardrobes that you can choose:

  • Hinged wardrobe- Another name for this wardrobe is Swing Door Wardrobe. It's perfect for any basic shell space, pre-painted and pre-floored. It's suitable for big and small breadth spaces. The merit of this type of wardrobe is it's easy to fix, easy to move around, and it's cheaper. It can comfortably fit into an L-shaped corner or uneven space.
  • Sliding wardrobe - The wardrobes are suitable for a single wall. It's ideal for bedrooms with medium to a large width, pre-painted and floored. When compared to hinged wardrobes, they save space, look classy and elegant, and don't require clearance space.
  • Walk-in closet- if your bedroom is large, a walk-in closet is what you need. Walk-in wardrobes make your room look neat and tidy because the dressing area is separate from the main bedroom. Also, they are classy and provide privacy.

17. Transport

You can buy a beautiful bed but become frustrated if it’s hard to move it to your home. Have a reliable means of transport to move your new furniture to their required destination. 

What bedroom sets are in style?

  • The mid-century set - is a three-piece bedroom set. It comes in solid wood oak and has two nightstands and a platform bed frame. This bedroom set is best suited for a simple person as it is not fancy.
  • Simple wood- the color of this set can complement any room. It includes an upholstered storage panel bed, a nightstand with two drawers, and six drawer chests. Drawers are the perfect place to store pillows when they are not in use. This makes your sleep space tidy. 
  • Wood and metal- white wood bed with matching dresser and metal nightstand and a shining white floor, makes the room look luxurious. You don’t need artificial lights. Natural light bounces off of white wood and metal. 
  • Minimalist- if you love the simple design, go for minimalism. No extra clutter, no adornments, everything it has is essential. 

What is trending in bedroom furniture?

 Your bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time. When you style it as per your preference, it sets the perfect tone.

  • Accent seat- nowadays you can’t miss a seat in the bedroom. It’s the best place to relax without interruption. If you love reading books, your room can be a great place.
  • Unique nightstand- Have you been to a furniture store recently? Have you seen a nightstand of different shapes, bold colors, and mixed-media designs?
  • Platform beds with built-in storage- The bed has a mid-century modern style, industrial versions, rustic style, etc. The built-in storage helps keep your sleep area tidy.
  • Upholstered headboards- trending bedrooms are using headboards. Almost every store has soft upholstery with buttons and channel tufting.
  • Bedroom benches- a bench at the foot of the bed makes the room complete. Get a bench that has a unique design, natural materials, or bold colors. Ensure it blends with other furniture.

Should you match your bedroom furniture?

Matching bedroom furniture is considered a tradition, but some people still love it. The benefit of similar furniture is that you buy them all from one store and there is a great chance of bargaining. The downside of having a uniform set is it makes the bedroom look flat. 

If you feel that you need to change from a matching set to mixed bedroom furniture, you have two ways to mix your set.  Firstly, you can keep the item you love, then switch them out with others. You can still start from scratch and buy everything new as per your preference. 

The process of choosing the right nightstand for the right bed can be stressful. To save you from that hard time, check the below tips: 

  • Texture- if the bed is constructed from wood, then get a metal or glass nightstand. Mix the materials of the furniture.
  • Color- choose the color that blends well with wall paints and furniture. For instance, you can have white wall paint and a purple nightstand.
  • Style- do you have a traditional bed? Then think of a modern nightstand. Alternatively, if you have a French country-design bed, then you can go ahead and buy a minimalist dresser.  


Buying a modern bedroom set requires a long search since it’s an integral part of your home. It’s an investment that no one would want to risk.

From this article, we have seen that there are various factors you have to consider before getting the bedroom set you have been dreaming of.  So, take time and do your homework to avoid wasting your time and money. With patience,  it’s easy to get a set that is a perfect fit for your bedroom.