10 Best Vanity Dressers In 2022: Prices, Styles, And Colors

10 Best Vanity Dressers In 2022: Prices, Styles, And Colors

For most people, finding the best way to organize, store, and display their jewelry and cosmetics can be a huge challenge. Having the right vanity dressers can be the perfect solution to this problem.

Read on to learn the best styles, colors, and prices for vanity dressers.

1: Dallas Contemporary Dresser and Mirror

Are you looking for an easy and fashionable way to take care of your morning dressing and makeup routine?

This stylish vanity set comes with a standing Camelback wood framed mirror. It features six drawers with a silver-tone drawer pull, upper storage unit. Enough space to keep all your beauty essentials in place. The vanity set is expertly designed from solid wood and wood veneer.

Color: White

Price: $740.00

2: Lester Traditional Dresser and Mirror

The Lester makeup dresser is a combination of style and functionality. It comes with this traditional silver-colored dresser with a camelback oval mirror.

It attributes a smooth crown molded to the desk that provides enough space to keep your bedroom items. Its six drawers help organize and store your makeup items, jewelry, and other bedroom essentials.

It is manufactured from solid and durable wood. You can adjust its beautiful camelback mirror oval mirror. This is to help suit your preferred height. The dresser set comes with a stool too.

Color: Silver Gray.

Price: $796.00

3: Dan Transitional Dresser and Mirror

Get this Dan dressing vanity set if you want to feel like a movie star or celebrity. It comes with a standing mirror. And it is produced from manufactured solid wood and features a sleek veneer finish.

It also features three spacious drawers and one cabinet with three open shelves. They help to store your makeup necessities, jewelry, and your documents. It has an excellent top desk where you can put some of your souvenirs or simply work on them with your laptop.

Color: White and Dark Walnut

Price: $810.00

4: Farlin Contemporary 6-Drawer Dresser

This modern makeup vanity set can add a clean, beautiful, and aesthetic touch to your bedroom. The Farlin 6-drawer dresser is made of quality solid wood with a sleek veneer finish.  It features six multi-drawer storage spaces with brushed nickel handles.

Its desk features a center metal glides drawer with interior dividers. They help you organize your makeup items, jewelry, and other accessories.

The dresser has a standalone rectangular mirror and upholstered chair. The chair has hidden storage space to keep your beauty items and other essentials.

Color: Brown Cherry

Price: $549.99

5: Tori Contemporary Dresser and Mirror

This versatile makeup dresser is made from high-quality solid wood and wood veneer. The Tori dresser set includes:

A delicately designed vanity table.

A beautifully upholstered stool.

A nice portrait mirror with curved designs.

It has seven spacious drawers adorned with round pulls. This dresser provides ample storage to keep your makeup items, brushes, and jewelry.

It has a neutral pink finish that matches well with any décor in your bedroom or dressing room. It is also extremely easy to assemble.

Color: Pink

Price: $700

6: Logan Contemporary Dresser and Mirror

This vanity set is designed to provide a stylish and practical way to add more space and storage to your space. Its huge tabletop provides enough open storage for all your used makeup essentials.

This contemporary dresser set has six drawers on center metal glides. It offers enough space to store all your makeup essentials such as a brush, eye shadow, and much more. It has a simple and clean-line design and neutral coat that matches any type of décor.

Color: Espresso

Price: $750

7: Soares Vanity Dresser

If you are interested in a luxurious dresser set. This Soares vanity dresser combines practical functionality, style, and a host of other useful features. 

The dresser comes with a tri-fold mirror which allows the users to see themselves from multiple angles. Also, the Soares vanity dresser comes with seven drawers, two slots, eight bonus hooks, and a lot more. It has rubberwood legs that can hold a weight of up to 130 kg.

Color: White

Price: $250

8: Arinze Vanity Set with Mirror

If you are looking for a stylish and durable vanity dresser with a big mirror, the Arinze vanity set is the right choice for you. The vanity set is manufactured with high-quality MDF and solid wood. 

It features two sliding drawers for your jewelry and makeup items storage. Its standing mirror attributes a protective velvet finish attached to its back to avoid damage in the unfortunate event of a fall. Also, the set includes a lovely comfortable stool.

Color: White

Price: $450

9: Saito Vanity Set

If your bedroom needs a modern piece of functional furniture, then this vanity dresser is going to be an excellent choice for you. Covered in white and created with solid wood. This vanity set offers eight storage drawers, a matching chair, and a lift-up mirror with a hidden storage compartment.

This charming vanity dresser combines functionality with a beautiful mid-century design.

Color: White

Price: $300

10: Buster Vanity Set

This Buster vanity set comes with a stool, table, and a tilting mirror. It is manufactured with solid rubberwood and features a unique neutral finish to match all kinds of bedroom décor or color scheme.

The seat has foam padding and an upholstery cushion that feels inviting and comfortable.

The Buster vanity set has a rectangular top and a single but spacious storage drawer. The tabletop provides extra space to keep your essential items without taking up too much of the bedroom space.

Color: White

Price: $550


Whatever your preferences are. There are plenty of models and pocket-friendly vanity dressers to suit any style and just about any budget. Any of the dressers listed here will be a lovely addition to any bedroom.

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