10 Benefits of metal platform bed frames written on a photo of a bedroom with a metal bed frame with horizontal slats in the headboard

10 Benefits of Metal Platform Bed Frame

Have you got your eye on a metal platform bed frame that will make your bedroom pop visually? They are a superb interior decor choice that adds a classy look to your home. Flick through the latest home decor magazines and you’ll see metal frames featured heavily. 

Still on the fence about if it’s worth buying a metal bed frame? We get it. It can be hard to decide with so much information online. Therefore, we have created a list of the top benefits that will save you time and help with the decision-making process. 

Top 10 Benefits of a Metal Platform Bed Frame

Choosing the right bed frame is important since it impacts sleep quality. You’ll see that metal bed frames have several advantages worth knowing when making a purchase. 

  • Sturdy Design

Metal is stronger than wood or other commonly designed bed frame material. Therefore, it’s better to get a metal bed frame since it will last longer. Metal ensures that the frame won’t bend and stays intact for years after purchase. Also, metal has a special coating that reduces rust. 

However, ensure that the bed does not use aluminum because it’s bendy and won’t last long. They are cheaper and might attract people on a budget, but they are not worth it in the long run.

  • Less Maintenance

Metallic bed frames require less maintenance because the chances of something breaking are low. Unlike wood, metal won’t have problems like insects or pests breaking down the material. Therefore, due to its durability, the bed frame will last a long time. Also, metal frames are easy to clean and will not react negatively when using a wet cloth with cleaning soap.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

There are plenty of designs to choose from, which makes the buying process simpler. You’re likely to find the right size and shape to match your room. Metal bed frames come in many color variations. Therefore, you can pick a model that matches your interior decor tastes. 

Metal is one of those materials that blends in with the majority of home design styles. That’s especially true if you choose a color like black or white.  

  • Price

Budget is the top factor for frugal shoppers, so metal bed sales are high. You can find a simple frame for less than $100. However, they usually don’t have a headboard. Therefore, when choosing the frame, consider your budget. Spending more provides advantages such as improved durability, or extra features like a headboard.

Choose a metal frame and will save money on maintenance costs. Fewer weak points mean breakages are less likely to occur. Also, you will not need to buy a replacement unit shortly after purchase. 

  • Mattress Type

A metal bed can adapt to all mattress types if the size is correct, but one stands out from them all. Memory foam mats are ideal for metal frames because you won’t feel that hard surface. The mat has health benefits that will distribute your body weight to reduce pressure on the heavy parts. You’ll sink into the memory foam for long-lasting comfort.

  • Versatility

Metal frame beds have versatile styles or designs. You can customize the headboard and the footboard to meet your preferences. The frame will feature a pattern that you can change to something specific. Materials like wood become too much of a maintenance hassle and lose their appeal. However, metallic beds retain durability since metal is tough to break. 

  • Storage

Some designs feature under the bed storage that you can use to place items. If the bed doesn’t feature draws, you can place boxes underneath. Extra storage is ideal, especially in smaller rooms where you might be struggling for space to place your belongings. 

  • Extends Mattress Lifespan

A heavy-duty bed can provide the mattress the support it needs. It’s essential that it doesn’t bend or have too much pressure in one spot because it will create weaknesses. Preventing sagging can help your mattress last longer and provide the high-quality sleep you need.

  • Child-Friendly

Consider getting your children a metal bed frame because it will improve the quality of their sleep. The build integrity is long-lasting, which means children jumping on the bed will not damage the frame. Also, metal is easy to paint, so you can customize the color or design to meet your child's needs.

  • Anti-Bugs

It’s heart-breaking to discover your bed is infested with wood-eating bugs. However, metal frames solve this problem. Unlike wood, metal doesn’t have a smell that bugs like. Therefore, your bed and mattress will be safe from harmful infestations.

Bug infestations can also spread to other furniture and infect the home itself. Therefore, opting for metal furniture ensures that you don’t introduce a weak link that could increase the chance of a bug infestation. 

Are metal bed frames bad for you?

We have covered the benefits of metal bed frames and now it’s time to look at a few of the negatives for a balanced overview. They can be squeaky, which can be frustrating when trying to fall asleep. It depends on the model that you buy and the load on the bed.

Also, there is a chance of rust developing. It’s unlikely to occur quickly because you’ll be using the frame indoors. However, it will eventually rust so you’ll need to apply a coat of paint or get a new one.

Finally, you need to invest in a strong metal frame for it to be sturdy. Units that use poor quality metal that’s thin will feel flimsy. Spending a bit more on a better-built bed ensures a replacement won’t be needed for a long time.

Final thoughts

There are many reasons to invest in a metal platform bed frame, which makes it a good choice. The mixture of affordable cost, high durability, stylish look, and low maintenance are among the top reasons.

Take a look at various metal bed frame models for yourself. Consider your buying factors when choosing the model. There is something available for any bedroom, so don’t stop searching for the best metal frame.