10 Different Kinds of Beds for Teens

10 Different Kinds of Beds for Teens

Your children are getting towards adolescent age, and you are faced with the dilemma of getting a fitting bed for them. This situation can be tiring and confusing, especially when you have picky teenagers. And you can’t explore the market to select just any option for them. What you need is a detailed exposition about this furniture piece. But do you know there are different types of beds for teens? 

Choosing between various models of teen beds can be challenging. This guide presents a list of some of the best bed options. The details will also help you to make the right decision. Stay active to gain all you need!

Factors to Consider When Selecting Beds for Your Teens 

Choosing the best bed type for your teen is not as easy as it seems. Don't forget you have to find a balance between your budget and your youngsters’ desires. Besides, the bed must be functional enough to meet basic needs. 

Listed below are important factors that will help you make the right furniture selection:

  1. The number of teens sharing a bedroom
  2. Body physiology of the youngsters
  3. Your budget 
  4. Available space 
  5. Taste and desires of the teenagers 
  6. Existing or intended room decors 

Types of Beds for Teens 

Selecting a bed for your teenagers can be somewhat demanding. There are several available options within a reasonable budget. On the bright side, you have the luxury of choices to meet your needs. 

But before moving ahead to decide, it is best to know the types available. Below are some cool beds for teens:

1. Single Bed 

This bed type is the most common model for emerging teenagers. It works best when you have a limited area for a single teen. It is the smallest type of adolescent bed available, and it is typically 36" x 75".

This bed option is a perfect fit for petite-bodied teenagers. Youngsters with big bodies might have to consider other bed options.  Besides the fact that it will help you conserve space, it also comes at a moderate budget. 

2. Twin Single Bed 

This option is similar to a single bed. It is only suitable for one teenager, and it also helps you to conserve space. The notable difference between the two is the width. 

The typical size of a twin single bed is 39" x 75." It serves the same purpose as the solitary crib. But this model can accommodate teens with regular body sizes. 

3. Double Teens Bed 

Do you want two teenagers to share the same bed? This option is the best shot for you. You won't have to spend on two separate single beds. This bed type can accommodate two youngsters with ease. 

This option makes it easy for teenagers to share a room. The typical size for this bed is around 54" x 74". But it doesn't mean it's a wrong choice for a single child. It only means an extra space to roll over. 

4. Full or Standard Bed 

This model is a regular room-sized bed. It is common with most adults, but teens can use it as well. It is similar to the double teen bed in size and function. The slight difference comes in the construction. This option can accommodate two regular-bodied teenagers. 

5. King and Queen Beds 

King and queen beds are not different from the standard bed in size. The difference is in the model of creation. The design of the king's type is with a masculine touch. It usually measures around 76" x 80," and it can take two people. 

The girls' queen beds for youngsters have a feminine finish. It estimates around 60" x 84" and can take two individuals. It will suit most décor of a female teenager's room. 

6. Bunk Beds 

The bunk bed is another standard option for a teenager's room. One of the most notable advantages of this choice is that it helps to conserve space. Besides, it allows two or more individuals to use a moderate-sized room with ease. This model is available in several designs and structures, and the choice is yours! Some bunk beds have triple rest options. 

You need to know that this bed selection isn’t available only in the size of a single bed. There are some full bunk beds with king and queen size beds. Some can have double bunk of different sizes. 

7. Cabin Beds 

If you want an option more creative, decorative, and luxurious for teens, try cabin beds! Besides its fancy frame, it also has storage spaces built with it. This model can be single or double, and it is ideal for growing teenagers. 

Another privilege you have with this selection is that you can customize it to suit your teen's needs. The length is adjustable, and most times, the frames are foldable. So, you have some extra space when the bed is not in use! 

8. Book Beds 

Ok, let's get a little bit academic here. Book beds are one of the best options for teenage scholars. With this selection, you don't have to deal with the hassle of scattered books all over the room. 

This model comes with storage drawers built-in with frames. The size is similar to standard beds and can take two people. So, you can have sleeping comfort and enough storage space for books and other items. 

9. Rocking Bed 

You can consider this model for your teens if you want a luxury option. It might not be a perfect regular room bed, but it offers something for leisure. Moveable beds can help youngsters relax during the day and even at night. 

The rocking sensation of this selection is something you won't get with regular alternatives. But prepare for a few extra costs due to its design and construction. 

10. Canopy Bed 

This option can help you to recreate something your teens have always imagined in fairy tales. This bed type offers flexibility in colors and appears dramatic. Besides the comfort attached to it, it also adds extra beauty to a teenager's room.

This model is ideal for spacious rooms. But they are not cheap! They are pricey compared to others, but it's worth the cost.

The list of suitable beds for teenagers can go on and on. Besides the options above, you can look at other less common types. They include:

  •       Platform beds 
  •       Cottage beds 
  •       Storage beds 
  •       Vertical beds 
  •       Magnetic floating beds 
  •       Sonic beds
  •       Concealed beds
  •       Signum beds 
  •       Wave beds 
  •       Hanging beds 
  •       Poster beds 
  •       Sleigh 
  •       Folding bed 

Why is it Essential to Get Quality Beds for Teen Rooms? 

Getting cool beds for teens' rooms is crucial for their sound development. In fact, it is one of the most functional parts of any bedroom. Here are some reasons why it is essential to get standard beds for teenagers:

  1. It aids healthy growth and improvement.
  2. Quality beds help actively growing teens to have a good night’s sleep.
  3. The right bed makes it easy for teenagers to organize their room.
  4. It aids effective space management. 
  5. Comfortable beds are durable and functional.
  6. It offers youngsters a sense of maturation and insight into adulthood.

What Is the Best Bed for A Teenager? 

There are different bed options for teenagers. So, it is somewhat difficult to pronounce a particular type superior over others. The decision of the best bed is personal and unique for individuals. 

The most suitable teen bed must be functional, and it should align with the user’s desire and help get quality rest. It can also offer other functions like storage and space reserve. It should suit the needs of the owner and flow with interior décor. Besides, the most comfortable bed for youngsters should offer a high value for money. Durability is a desirable quality too. 


With access to varieties of bed choices for your teenagers, you can not go wrong with acquiring the best option for them. A good bed is vital to having quality sleep and ensuring the proper growth of your teens. Exposing them to a sound rest area also prepares them for adulthood. 

Getting the right bed for youngsters is more than adding a structure to their room. You need to be well-exposed to help them select the best option. Find out some of the cool beds for teens from the list highlighted above and make a choice. Don't forget to keep your child's interest in mind while exploring the market.